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  1. Seems I get "Not Supported Client" error, ofc maybe is because I'm trying it on version 3.3.5, but emishoor just said it works on www.wow-apocalips.ro. We would appreciate you keep the share updating to new version :P
  2. Those that "do not hav movie" ar walker users, and YES i answered a 2y ago post mby other will be interested :D
  3. Rly Good Share, OFC i will download and try :)))) perfect for i was looking :DDD
  4. Thx for share, btw u know about the new commands? !IsMember, Charbuffs etc..
  5. On L2OFF servers usually they hav GOOD geodata so it wont work, mby on L2J but now implementing geodata fixes so mby wont work on updated servers of L2J, and BTW is RLY OLD BUG
  6. Seems like useless one, btw wich ar GM's shop out of colliseum? :D
  7. I think it doesnt work on L2OFF, most server L2OFF server that hav spawn protection is not counted for mobs or rbs, just players cant hit u on spawn time :/
  8. L2OFF doesnt work this, just L2J and dunno how many servers hav it fixed. This hav been posted a lot of times lol, if u saw it on another forum that forum copied it from here :D
  9. Y i think i read it on another web page, or mby i read it here, is for sure posted before. BTW useless trick :/ better make someone kills u where u ar alone with that TRUST person and done )
  10. Its Kinda usless, u only can use it with WC, and it just works on some L2j servers, not all.