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  1. he is investigating, he is the law here xD
  2. a pack made with your skills would cost abit lower than his price, so i guess its not a joke - he is looking exactly for someone like you xD
  3. highest feedback rating with 3 feedbacks? wow, kid if only the clients you got knew how bad you are at copy-pasting they would spit on your face, also some of them told me about the tasks they gave you which took you days and you couldnt even find a solution were like 10 seconds for me to figure out the problem. p.s. you have no clue how to code/dev, and no you didnt hear my of my coding skills because its out of your imagination.
  4. who were you to get offended? i still wonder whats the feel to get banned from more 5 accounts and still to crawl around like a worm
  5. quoting a male with sweetness xD
  6. oh, believe me i did and its not just one guy who complains of your shit "codes" or idk how to call them? copy-paste?! about my skill-level i am probly one of the most experienced devs in this forum and got signature in many codes and packs even in l2jserver itself. I am pretty sure u dont even own any certificate for coding. or... do u ? prove me wrong. p.s. i wont even mention that i probly worked for half of the devs who offer services right now xD and one of them was you! :P
  7. that has nothing to do with you, its the rest of the guys who turned the topic into a chat p.s. i had to deal with karas codes and didnt knew kara is accessdenied, thats probly the dumbest person ive ever seen in my life.
  8. Hiya I am a java coder/developer and I am looking for work on a L2 Server since I am bored after work and want to train my developing skills more. I can work with Java, html, xml and sql and have experience with L2 servers since c6 been developing them for years till h5. Been playing L2 myself since C3. If you need more info feel free to contact me. Contact info: Skype: live:king_flex_1 Payment options: Paypal Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me if you need anything.