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  1. A New Lineage 3 World, inspired by the Original one, will be 5 times better. Lineage 3 : 15 Conquerable Castles, Clan Halls, Olympiad, 3 Sub classes, 130 Max Level, No Grade Items but Items by Levels, Level 1 up to Level 20 for all items. Hades area, Phobos Area, The Dark Tomb Area, Catacombs Area, Seed of Infinity/Destruction Areas.... Epic Raid Bosses x15. Many Instance Zones for solo/party farming. Farming Areas F U L L of Mobs, Not Empty crap Farming areas. Re-Spawnable Mobs every 4 seconds. Classes : Buffer, Healer, Archer, Mage, Poler/Puller, Tank, Ghost, Vampire, Druid. (No broken dagger/fighter classes, only Ranged Classes). Races : Orks, Trolls, Human's, Elfs, Dark Elfs, Dwarves, Ghosts, Vampires. Few Ideas.... you know. We want Lineage 3.
  2. Remastered L2, with better mechanics, will be cool.
  3. Hi. As the title says, Im looking for a basic GmShop and a basic Buffer for Helios client/L2J. Can anyone help me ? Thanks :)
  4. Hi, Just downloaded the file you send me, thanks. Im trying to open the file "Armorgrp.dat" with the L2 File Edit and it opens empty, I cant see the Armors list... What am I doing wrong ?
  5. As the title says, Im looking for a patched Helios system and a L2 File Edit software, to try a Helios server, testing stuff basicly. Can anyone help ?