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  1. I want to buy website + forum theme. PM me with your skype so we can talk about prices and design.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a good pack for the Classic chronicle, version 1.0 or higher. Drop a PM or write down here what you recommend. Thanks
  3. Hello MxC, Due the lack of time I have to finish my friend's and I project, we've decided to pay someone for helping us. We need someone experienced in java codding. We need somebody who can write events, fix bugs, and make a clear and organized work inside our source. Our server will be Interlude, based on aCis source. If you have experience in both (chronicle and pack), that would be a huge plus. The payment will be done per code and via PayPal. If you are interested, leave me a PM with your skype ID. Thanks for reading, Frank.
  4. Thanks. Fixed, can lock the topic.
  5. Hello folks, I would like to know where can I change the text alignment of the buttons ingame. The <button tag has a default alignment of the text to the center. Where is that defined? Where can I change it? Thanks for reading.
  6. Yup. Conclusion: you can delete items with [Texture] extension, but if you delete items with [Other] extension, you will have a little freeze because packets send information but doesnt find the spot to put it. Fixed and done. Thanks a lot @Celestine !!
  7. Fixed. Re done it and I have come to the conclusion that you DONT have to delete stuff. Just hide it (like deleting textures, etc).
  8. Sure, I've tested it ingame. I'll send you the picture and after we solve this I'll post the solution :)
  9. All I did was: right click on the item I wanted to delete -> Delete How can I show you what I've done? I can past you Team Viewer if you want
  10. Inventory slots (cloak, belt, bracelet). When I open or close the inventory, everything works fine. But if I equip or unequip an item, the client freezes for 1ms and continues working okay.
  11. Hello folks, I've recently edited my Interface.xdat file, removed some stuff in some windows, and when I open those windows or make an action which involves these windows, I get like 1ms of client stuck. Does it has something to do with the deletion of category childs or something like that? If yes, or if it has happened to some of you, how can I fix that? Thanks
  12. @vampir's answer was right. Thank you! And thank you too, @IpnotiC !