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  1. my scheme dont work im trying to save scheme but nothing.. the configs is ok..
  2. hello where i can change npcs? there is no npc or custom npc table in database..
  3. Site: http://l2-pin.ucoz.com/ Server Rates: * Experience: 10000 * SP: 10000 * Adena: 10000 * Consumable Cost: 1 * Drop Item Karma: 10 * Drop Seal Stones: 1 * Drop Spoil: 1 * Drop Manor: 1 Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant:4 Max For Weapon:16 Max For Armor :12 Max For Jewls :12 Blessed t Scrolls Chance:90% GamePlay: Fully Interlude Working Skills Castle Sieges Olympiad Olympiad Cicle 1 Week Max subclasses 3 No Lag, Good Community (we hope) 24/7 Uptime Dual Box Allowed x3 Active Server staff Useless Account will be deleted after 3 months Geodata-Panthode Weapon Augmention Active skills Stuck 20 mins Custom Start Up Zone Max LvL 80 Max Buff slots:30 No Corruptions Mana potions Hero skills on subclass Farm zones 1/2 + Custom RB Drop Gold Dragons With Gold Dragons u can Buy L2Gold Weapons/Tatoos/Epic Jewels and More! nobless Coin on Shop Instant Level 80 Clan eggs into GM shop Max Clans in ally - 3 Clan Penalty - No Penalty Ally Penalty - No Penalty Members in clan for war - 5 Members for increase clan - 15 New Character Starting Adena:500.000.000 Hero Skills on Sub Class Recharge skills before oly match starts, 1 Week Heros Easy Farm! Augmentation High Ls SkillChance = 12 Augmentation Top Ls SkillChance = 17 On enchant hero weapons GLOBAL GK NPC BUFFER Full Buffs No Ressist! GM SHOP! Custom Private store SELL/BUY With Gold Dragons! Custom Shop with L2 GOld weapons mage/fighter tatoo/ Ls/Bogs
  4. ok.. kai gia na svisw To AQ pou den exei Quest ti prepei na kanw?
  5. Kalhspera 8elw na ma8w pos mporw na svisw ta Epic bosses apo ton server mou.. kserei kaneis?
  6. Hello i make Custom GrandBoss like baium/zaken/valakas so now i need to delete the normal epic bosses i delete from npc in database and after that whene i make Restart the server Database is stuck so i i instal again the sql file (npc) and its ok.. any 1 knows how to delete grandbosses with out problems? i have l2frozen pack thx!!
  7. Hello i looking for l2 gold weapons for frozen pack, i found some links but dead... if any1 have this weapons post plz.. Thx!
  8. καλησπερα ψαχνω bot για l2 Mid δοκιμασα l2net/l2tower δεν δουλεβουν..