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  1. Awesome work ! i love the idea about a moba event in a lineage 2 server. I was try to make something like that with my mates, but we need work in more details and more ideas, this is a preview: we put the event in the main server and create new classes like tank, healer etc like the original lineage 2(because my server is a stacksub server) but i need to work in the balance too, maybe remove some skills and put others, work in the items etc etc. p/d: the map have cool sounds too made by demev :D
  2. tell me your problem and i give to you any solution, i can fix you or adapt any code skype contact: guztavoud payment method: paypal
  3. Chronicle : hellbound svn: you can use any other but it hellbound
  4. hi i am looking for a developer who can fix this , pm with price
  5. Sup, can someone help me to find hellbound l2j files l2secrets v.1.3? ive been looking for a bigger while but all links are dead specialy be well.
  6. where should I begin? for downgrade myself from COEP COEP not work in even the system attributes and much more T_T
  7. Hi i want to have hellbound pack files off 100% or somethings, where attribute system works and if you will sell just post your price i am waiting for your reply