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  1. Great guy. Have worked and traded with him for years. Always proffesional and friendly, highly recommend!
  2. WTB power SP I wont give my char info only leech! Can pay with adena or eur! PM
  3. As topic says. WTB iss 99, nothing fancy! just a cheap iss 99, dont care for subs, oe skills etc ONLY trusted sellers!! I have vouches from known traders that will be provided. PM for skype
  4. Still need power lvl on core! Can be online 24/7 and ill have all xp boost possible! Pm with price per hour or by lvl. Ty
  5. Wtb dark la top prefer +6 adena or eu
  6. No one on core offering plvl? Any offer will be replied
  7. Wtb plvl on core for 96-99 or w/e can pay in euro or prefer adena. Also price depends on speed. Pm here for skype (only leech if i dont know u)