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  1. Hello guys. i´m looking to buy a 99 eviscerator on Core, any sub is fine. Will pay more for immortal scrolls / ++ skills, brooch etc. No gear needed. No fantasy prices please ^^ Add me on skype: Tlomvall Cheers.
  2. FYI: Toon got banned within 2 weeks, no botting/adenatrade/other stuff from my side. Sent PTO several messages that he has read but no reply.
  3. bought. good trade but apoc retri was a PA weapon but enough pa to get another one.
  4. cashout: add me to skype please or pm me yours: Tlomvall
  5. Also looking for AQ, FRINT and ZAKEN. I can trade for the same stuff on Magmeld if your intressted.
  6. WTB: elegia light set on innova´s Core server. Pay with paypal, one part at a time if you dont have any vouches, I will need to see it ingame aswell before I pay. Pm me here or Lajjala on Epicnpc.com or skype:tlomvall Cheers
  7. EDIT: Bought a toon, thanx guys! WTB: any wynn lvl 85 on Core, needs normal gear, will only be used for p.lvl purposes. Cheap ofc ^^ Pm here or Skype: Tlomvall check epicnpc.com for + vouches (same name as here, you cna pm me there if you want aswell)