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  1. Hello guys im looking for a script that will only press like f1 for the scroll and drag the item to the bar. Its on a gracia final server. I dont want anything else like to stop when to get the enchant only the movement can anyone help?thanks
  2. Can someone tell me how to use tower on miracle or any other bot on there please? Thanks
  3. doesnt work on me says 2014.11.8 17:43:55 OS : Windows Vista 6.1 (Build: 7600) CPU : GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2700 MHz with 2046MB RAM Video : ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series (1129) General protection fault! History: UWindowsViewport::ViewportWndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- DispatchMessage <- 0002041C 1287 <- MessagePump <- MainLoop
  4. Try l2tower thought i dont think it works
  5. Someone help please?Same problem
  6. I dont think you can bot with the known bots at least in my opinion
  7. Its not possible as i know...But it can be done on some servers that doesnt have the required protections
  8. logika leipoun arxeia file mou...dokimase na to 3anakatevaseis
  9. mporei na min ypostirizetai se interlude file mou
  10. An 8es psa3e sto google html templates for free yparxoun polla sites!aa kai mporeis na xrisimopoiiseis to cloudflare gia kaliteri prostasia
  11. kalitera na psa3eis se kapoio free service giati aliws 8a sou trwne leyta xwris logo