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  1. Hi, I play in a server were i can only open 2 clients. How can I bypass this? pleas heelp im a noob haxor. thanks :)
  2. Hi i am interested in this pelase contact me
  3. I can just open 4 boxes how can i open 5+? THANKS BROHTAAAASS
  4. lineage.ro lionna x7. pm me, i dont wanna play by myself either...im also hoping to form a CP
  5. as title says. buy items at tarantula. pm me on forums
  6. Hi, I would like to form an organized CP to play on a L2 server, i prefer Interlude chronicle but its optional, rates i dont care either it can be from low to mid rate. To all of you who play solo and want a good constant party to farm/pvp/raid, contact me on the forum or write in this topic. My GMT is -4 but that doesnt matter since ill be available the majority of hours a day. I speak english and spanish. We would be using Radicall or Teamspeak. I have experience in l2 for over 7 years, im 22 years old college graduate... any other info feel free to ask. If we grow to a certain point, a clan
  7. Hi, I need the file so i can see the drop/spoil on mobs. Thank you
  8. I need a bot for any of these two server. Any pro or someone with knowledge and experience please let me know how can I do it. Thank you.
  9. Hi, im looking for a server x10-x30 low rate style. Crafting A grades and shit, dont care about the chronicle
  10. Hi im looking for a server to play L2 again. Recommend me some please, i dont care about the rates just give me a list and ill choose later
  11. I want to play again L2 in which server do you recommend me to start? I dont care about the rates, just bring in a list of servers and ill choose afterwards. thankyou
  12. Hi, as i am new playing in low rates Gracia server i was wondering if someone knows about new quests that are usefull since lvl 1, thank you
  13. If you were to start on a low rate server by yourself,retail like features, which class would you choose and why? Gracia Final. I am also looking for ppl to start fresh on a server and to work in group since lvl1 and maybe to start an important clan...