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  1. Just bought 11kkk from this buyer. It's 100% trusth-worthy.
  2. EN. Hello. I am looking for a good translator to use. To be precise, I want to translate an english book to Greek. But I want to do it correctly, with correct grammar sytnax etc., and not by google translate. I can do it myselfm but it would be too time-consuming. Any suggestions? GR. Γεια σας. Θελω να μεταφρασω ενα αγγλικο βιβλιο στα ελληνικα, και ψαχνω ενα μεταφραστικο που τα να βγαζει με σωστη συνταξη κλπ, και οχι λεξη προς λεξη. Υπαρχει καποιο? Ακομα και με πληρωμη.
  3. Does this work in places like Timeless Isles?
  4. Hello. Im looking for any bug/exploit of the vote system of l2 Exilium. Im willing to pay for a decent answer. Thank you. :)
  5. Yes of course mate... Send me a pm for the tranfer details. I will explain everythng there. :)