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  1. Hello, I am leaving this really great server and I offer you whole equipment and adenas I made here. (server x10) What Can I offer? Adenas : 800kk 2,6euro(~10pln) !!!!!!!!!!!! Items: dc robe set boots found, maj robe set, major arcana set, arcana mace acu 150water, saint spear haste 150 holy, weapon top c+10 , jewelz dynasty sealed/unsealed, rings also foundation, dynasty robe set full attribute wizard circlet foundation, dyna heavy set shield master, +3 icarus hall acu 150 water, +3 foundation sawsword focus 150 holy, 2x icarus spitter clean and much more... Items price will be calc
  2. 40 ab, 10 leather , 4 steel, not so much now (7x celes)
  3. guys, check at char calulator with same eq, with full buff or with self buff, just any combination and sr's dps is highest always
  4. lol dont use hacks in this game... nabs! :)
  5. z00ll


    omg ;d dont click it ! ;p
  6. HE is the best archer in l2 imo ; )