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  1. I need a script for auto skill enchanting l2net oog for epilogue , i searched but nothing please help :P
  2. I am a nice person my name is radu and i like this site
  3. OK http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/1953/poza.jpg In the last post i did a bad paint mistake so people who said work wrong.... And was a spam that ... The yellow point indicates the isle from where you can target zaken .. Now for Geodata Servers You need a strider Click in the orizont till your char stop in wall then equip strider and dismount till you enter wall 100% tested work (you must do this like 40 50 times....to get after the wall and every time clicking in the orizont) ,after you enter you will be in the wall each time you equip strider you Rise 5 cm till you enter zaken ro
  4. REally nice server but you need got some brain to enter site :))
  5. This server is full of donators .... and are so many players my l2 crash :(
  6. This server dont got full skills omgg..
  7. on my server this dont works.... lucky me....
  8. Heey lineage 2 got 5 years have you ever played lineage ... it works on any server that dont got full geodata ,, zariches dont stuck in wall just atack it back on isle he follow you then you will see it with your friends
  9. OK PEOPLE just try i posted it dont piss me off with your 65543 weapons JUST TRY ! for this i posted isnt ? too all people know ? i was can keep it for me but is a nice trick and that insane thing i can say you you you get 12000(no buffs) cuz i dont play on shits with buffers i create only my self and take much time, patk with a lvl 62 b grade char and if your titan and frenzy about 67000 and if you got +4 dye is insane .... you can kill every raid you want in less than 5 min
  10. this works for all servers that dont got full geodata . And that things with demonic that is a new thing i found works 95% and by the way i play lineage 7years
  11. isnt a pointless trick just target it atack and take it on `` your island `` then kill with friends and volcom maybe my english isnt very good but all i post works some very good server that bugs arent work but on 95%works
  12. if you didnt readed before post you can`t make this and i tfink that cant understand a word is just for making post ,so ..... please shut up i dont like spaming, becuse this i got so low posts i just post the exploits ok ?
  13. OK i dont mean only equip a zariche sword this is the best thing ,:D you will be zariche, as i sayd before if you pick up 2 zariches you get 1 in inventory ,you need do that again to got 2 zariches in inventory hard isnt? no problem after you get this just equip it atack some npc and put a bishop or something to inquistor or vanguard till you get crash ok if you ctrl+alt+del or other thing that make you crash dont work just inquistor or vanguard? after you login again your are zariche ;) this bug was take me many days of research omg finaly!! you will be zariche even restart but one proble
  14. http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/1984/10998026.png Watch to dont die becuse not breathe PWN IT !!!:D /target zaken from the isle
  15. Ok i was on many servers and it worked... go on a server with weeding system then marry your chars you still need good equip go find an zariche sometimes is zariche and akamnahk spawned on map you pick zariche then go other char with.gotolove cuz you cant teleport to akhmanahk with the zariche char then pick ahamank you will be untransformed and the zariche passive is remaining till Restart you will got cp + pdef + patk +mdef , you can equip your normal wep you can use your skills Zariche stats Remain ,, and every time you kill a people it increase till 10lvl :D !!! just pick 1 zariche and the