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  1. Not gonna happen, he didnt write it, he stole it from clockman. He would have no idea how to do it himself. Such person should be banned for stealing and sharing stuff under his name, but I guess administration here doesnt give a fk about it.
  2. next generation of walkers, man its just simple pixel bot, it works but it will be never as effective as l2walker
  3. Keep up the work on it, i really like that project. Wish it were open source someday :P
  4. Lol at this thread, how can you call the L2 posibility made by developers to be this way on beast farm a trick. Makes me sad for you man.
  5. I have never playd Dominator since now, and this guide was really helpfull, thanks.
  6. probably the anti cheat closes the walker when its opened
  7. "Trying to out-Methuselah Methuselah You kids get off his lawn!" lawl this guy is my idol
  8. Welcome , remember to read and follow the rules
  9. I can't see the posts, but as I see comments its all about bugged/noon grade penality for grades of weapons/armors. Nothing special but right it can help with level upping.
  10. 1. Lineage 2 (c4/c6) 2. Call of Duty 4 3. CS 1.6 4. DotA 5. Aion 6. Age of empires 3(at lan)
  11. great, but blur animation is little bit too fast for me