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  1. Yea, too bad we got to use it for like 1 day :D Hopefully @Celestine can give us a new patch <3
  2. Couldn't be happier for such share @Celestine ! Sadly I think they updated the server and now it won't let me login due to a "Cheat" detection :s I wonder if this can be fixed, otherwise thanks anyway :)
  3. The link from the official website works fine.. For those who can't click a link: -
  4. He even deleted the conversation here on the forum but I have emails with all the conv in it as proof if needed ;)
  5. Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for a mid rate server which is using GOD or any other newer patch (tauti, glory days or lindvior). By mid rate I mean something like 10-20x. Maybe some russian servers with some english speaking community too exists :P Thanks everyone!
  6. Could you please explain a bit more? :).. VIP needed or not? I'm also looking for a method to bypass the 6 "same IP connections" if anybody knows. Thanks