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  1. Fast and Trusted seller whos giving best price for adena ! I highly recommend !!
  2. fast and trusted seller i highly recommend!
  3. l2gang.com (OE up to +10(max) Bows,2h swords,1h swords , Any amount of adena/gbs) l2null.com (Any amount of GBS u can buy anything with it ) l2world.org(OE up to 18 ! (even though it says +16 is the max its NOT . +18 is the max.Of if they didnt fixed it today) Bows,2h swords,1h swords Proofs ingame showing not by pics which can be easily modified.skype for contact : sorceress35 (Asen Blagoev) or Pm me if u want.
  4. Hi.I sell few types(bows,2h swords,1h swords top ones ofc) of overenchanted weps on l2gang(any enchant number ofc a +10 will cost u more).Also i sell gbs.If u are interested contact me in pm and we can meet ingame to show u.
  5. Hopefully even more.Very nice server but its Freya not High five
  6. The fact that u had it makes me think what peoples are making servers these days......
  7. So bassicly bot will only get u better items and that wont affect u in the end at all? rofl ur stupidity is HUGE
  8. "L2OFF Insignia network low rate server".Its ISIGNIA not INSIGNIA retard.Its just a fail l2java server with a team of programmers wannabe !Cant even fix soe to work properly not to mention about anti bot or geodata fixes.Dont waste ur time on that crap