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  1. I m looking for a duelist account nobless + certifications done. Also those items: - All rbs jewels - Vesper heavy found set +6 lvl 7 - Dual vesper or periel ++++ - Top pvp belt pvp skill attack/ def Regards,
  2. Not because I didnt trade with you mean I am a scammer...
  3. No I bought Baium +6 and 12Kkk adena ^^
  4. Hello everyone, here is the list with the items I am willing to buy: - B.zaken,valakas,antharas,beleth,AQ - Vesper found robe set +6 or more - Elegia robe / heavy parts - Adena - SPS/Sorceror lv 85 nobless account If you sell these items, feel free to reply me. Payment method: Paypal
  5. This is will be a quite unique server , i hope everything will be fine and good ^^ Good luck , cya in game
  6. You don't need to say that kind of words. I did not agree to sell you adena there because you act like a kid and you are not trusted ;)