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  1. wts db +10 draco set +3/3/3/4 main , aq/core rings dualsS +4 cheap package
  2. i see no reason for you to interfere in what i said , since its not about you .
  3. I can tell your a fucked up admin in game and a retard in real life. Since that guy showed you ss how you try to deal money on your own server, and after instead of acting like a grown up and admit it , you just try "troll" him wich is not even funny
  4. english is not my native language so yeah i might miss spell some words, but i made my point. You should know the definition of dumb better than anyone
  5. i think i left few comments to people that i see them dumb and they don`t realise that
  6. i don`t spend time in forums fighting douchbags like you
  7. braindead logic "you dont pay clans to play l2 ( wich is free game) and thats why you dont have players". fucking mongols . its the l2 community server jumpers fault . not admins ! people nowadays play a server until another srv opens. get over this chronicle cause its dead.
  8. lolisre first u ask staff to answer you for some reason , speakin nicely tho , and after few hours u come back and talk shit about this guy . You re a cunt