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  1. 1. Female Se 58 (have scrolls to 60) 60e 2. Destro 67 vip 4 for 3 months 100e have rune inside wh 7days unopened 3. Spoil 56 67% vip 4 for 14days/ 70e Sold 4. Tyrant 65 lvl 91% (inside acc necro 41 lvl) vip 4 3.5 have rune pack in wh 7days unopened month 120e 5. Prophet 48 w/o dw+haste 30e 41kk in stock, 2e per kk Sold Karmian set +6 90e For more info write pm or discord. Pedals#7604 Make sure u talking witm me in discord write pm in mxc with code so ill have to retype for u same
  2. Wanna try it out gonna tell later how do i feel with this interface
  3. Yull Moonlight sentinel with rapid fire/shot skills 99.45% exp Tyrr titan with 99.20% Sold to l2guru.pro Seraph leather set (Top +6 and basic attribute lvl) Sold to Mirekhandlzar Helios bow +4+300 (speed fire 5 lvl SA) apo slasher +3+300 3lvl 2 (sa) Adena currently in stock : 1b sold to SellersAndFriends for more info skype : regbis3
  4. Thank you. Mods if you can lock this topic.
  5. Would be ussefull give me the link if you can :)
  6. Achylek liek olways nub, no not this i have that one. I need that from screenshot like. 6 bars which i can just make opened or closed.
  7. Hi guys, i found this on averia.ws forum but there was no download, can you help me how to make up to 6 shortcut windows which you can just make opened or closed like normal 4 bars? but i dont need more than 16shortcuts in 1 line unless there will be like other 2x6 shortcut like bar not connected if anyone can help me with that i would really appreaciate it.
  8. Hi every1, I wanna sell my account on L2Saga Dominator with vesper noble robe set+6 with attributes 4lvl and more. Vesper caster+4+acu+4lvl 500+kk in invetory, vesper/vorpal jew, green16 green 17 crystals, enchanted skills +15/10/12. More info skype : regbis3
  9. I found solution download older version of JAVA 64BIT WINDOWS7 : http://download.oracle.com/otn/java/jdk/8u40-b26/jdk-8u40-windows-x64.exe 32BIT WINDOWS 7 : http://download.oracle.com/otn/java/jdk/8u40-b26/jdk-8u40-windows-i586.exe
  10. WTS Item's on LineZeus +6 attributed vesper robe, Vesper caster+6+acu+300fire , blessed freya etc. More info PM or contact via skype : regbis3
  11. Gonna try this seller, after purchase i will tell trusted or not :) Edit : Bought 10b and got adenas. Trusted Seller.
  12. Seems good, going to try now. :not bad:
  13. As title says, I need auto cp hp mp clicker like autocp, for High Five client, but i need only clicker that i can set settings from what % of hp mp cp eat potions. Thanks.
  14. I used too, but i wanted to check this one again by asking u what the hell that means. Well i didnt saw any server mid/pvp that u can enchant cloaks. Btw maybe i'm with my cp come here.
  15. I didn't understand this one, there is no cloaks? :you serious?:
  16. All projects requires alot of money, if u dont pay u dont get anything. But how we all know all projects says where will be no donate, but after 3-4 weeks we see the donate list, or u can contact with admin and say that u pay 30 euros/dolars and he gives u the list of the item. But this donate dont make so much profit for better machine or better protections.
  17. All servers have own problems, one of them l2 silver too. So we can't say judge them wtf u idiot and bla bla better close server because u cant keep it without lags and etc. But no one of that cryers dont even try to create own l2server fix bugs and make it free to other players.
  18. Can't wait for opening, but i think +12-16 it's will be cool not +20 it's gonna like custom server.