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  1. online players?
  2. yep, online is really low. I would say max 500 active players, rest are boxes.
  3. would you be so kind and tell me step by step how you make it work? This time I am able to log in but on the character choice I am getting DC. I would really apprieciate some help ;)
  4. hi man. could you please tell me how u made it work? I have the same version of tower + szaka loader and I can't login. It just stop me on login window ;) Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello guys. I am selling character or items or both on L2 mid ( l2mid.com) Character: Main: Prophet 79 Subs: TH 79 , Necro 80 Items: Ant Queen +3 2x MJ SET+6 2x TTS SET +6 2x AS + Haste 2x AM + Acu 1x DB + Focus 1x IC SET +3 2x DC Robe Set +4,3,3,3 1x BW Light Set +6 300 Lucky Gold (donation currency) 2kkk adena Clan lvl 6 with skills Clan Hall in shuttgard All the payments through PayPal (pm for more info).
  6. any1 still playing out there ?:D I just started with friend :)
  7. Oh that server will be great. I remember how good time I spend on last Eva x30. That was great server. Lineage.ru is not using fake online counters, thats for sure. They are on of the best L2 OFF platform providers. Hope lots of non russian players will join so we can yell on each other in english :D
  8. let me know If u coming with your CP. Pm me here or "st0ne IG
  9. Game client in rus but I am searching for solution atm :) So far I changed systemsg for english one. In game by command ".cfg" u can change ru translations for eng. Which means all NPC's text. GK, quest, etc.
  10. I checked it yesterday. I was waiting for server rr. There was -2000 players after rr. So I assume that that 12k -2k. There is tons of real players. Every farm spot is overcrowded. Sometimes there is more players than mobs. Pvp everywhere. For sure 4-5k + boxes + shops + 2k fake. In the end 12k. Before you start bitching about server just log in and check. EOT
  11. There are but u are not able to enchant them. Dunno If it works like they said. I used google translator for that info.
  12. So far I didn't find any. I might consider create something if we will have at least 10 ppl to play together.
  13. that r6 is something like prefix. So just choose whatever u fit most. For example r6account (your ID).
  14. If you are interested, we can make some small International side ;) pm in here or IG "st0ne
  15. START: 1st March 2013 Server Rates: Chronicles: Gracia Epilogue EXP / SP: x55 Adena: x70 Drop: X20 Spoil: x15 Quest Drop: x1-10 Quest Reward: Adena, Potion, Material X5, Scroll, Recipe x1 Raid: x4 Epic: Items X2, x4 Adena Manor: x3 For an easy start: Free Buffer to 61 levels in Alt + B. No-Grade shots, magic and warrior EQ are automatically allocated at the start. 500k Adena for teleports, common purchase armor and weapons. Mount for fast moving. Important information: New heroes every 2 weeks! Work Ekimus and quests for pr