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  1. Wargate base on l2pride pack, but has many changes at list in game that's true.
  2. He is using with cp the photo with aphelion and pvp collor system LOL LMFO! :D
  3. hello guys server its not mine , but it seems very promissing. Its pride style, final gracia with many new items. http://l2renaiscence.eu/
  4. So this Wednesday starts the beta phase at 15:00 or w/o any beta?
  5. Can you give us any info about the two new instance?
  6. Hey i have problem when i try to login in your server : It says somethink about one file missing with name ' BlackWatchClient[C4].dll What is this and how can i fix it ?
  7. Our patch will be upload it soon, we will add kamaloka instance too! ;)
  8. Our server is going to launce again guys, W/o any bug or phx problems, i promise you for somethink special and unique this time, i hope to join :)