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  1. I have an older version of Lucera 3, where the number of players (20) is limited when the license is not active!XMIUhZBR!cc6Rg34A8b4hMu1-hNcjGco6EhZrJKK7wl8fGOX55ng Lacks many fixes, but if someone makes it available is gg
  2. try
  3. is exactly what I posted, it just depends on how he wants to configure
  5. I played on a server these days. I had some experiences with some friends with your protection, I believe ( in cases some people can not log in to the server, even changing the system or downloading a new client... Gm did not know how to solve the problem ... and some friends using adrenaline.exe edited to use adr (although this applies to smartguard as well).
  6. L2Nightmare 30x [SubStack][MultiCraft] Grand Opening: November 9, 2018 at 18:00 (gmt - 3) RATES Basic rates: EXP & SP x30, Raid Boss EXP & SP x30. Basic rates: Adena x20, Basic rates: Seal Stone x4. Drop Chance of Adena and Seal Stone is 70%. The Drop Quantity will vary depending on the Mob Level Basic rates: Drop x2, Raid Boss Drop x2, Epic Boss Drop x1. Drop Quantity is x1. The Chance of items received x2. Basic rates: Manor x1. Basic rates: Spoil x3. The Quantity is x1. The Chance of items received x3. Basic rates: Quest XP/SP/Adena/Drop x2. All Quests are x2. 1rd e 2rd: Free 3rd Class: 500 - Farm of Einhasad Farm of Einhasad Drops all mobs from the game with a 30% chance to drop. GAMEPLAY Server Time: GMT -3. AutoLoot itens, exceto RaidBoss/Epic Boss. AutoLearnSkill. Offline Trade. Noblesse Retail Quest. Farm of Einhasad falls from all mobs of the game with a chance of 30% Vote of Einhasadit is only by votes in the L2Topzone, L2Hopzone e L2Network. NPC Shop com Consumables Itens No-Grade up to B-Grade (Craft A-Grade e S-Grade Retail) Mana Potion 500mp Delay 7s. Tattoos Level 1 up to Level 4 Noraml e Level 1 up to Level 4 Empowered. You can get up to 10% more profit. With several tests already done with tattos, it makes pvp / pve more interesting. Mainly this great variety which can make the difference in PVP / PVE. NPC BUFFER NPC Buffer will be found in all cities. The Npc Buffer will only have Prophet Buffs (level 1) and some Dance and Songs (No 3rd Class Buffs). 40min time. We believe that this way we will have a greater variety of Combinations of Classes. SUBSTACK & MUTANT MANAGER Upon searching the server they noticed that he was different from the other MultiCraft. It turns out we have the idea of a fun and not boring server like the current PVP / MultiCraft servers. First, do you know what SubStack is? If you do not know; This is your Class when doing Sub with another Class the Skills get together. We have two npcs for that purpose. Firstly SubStack Manager This is the Sub you make of the same RACA as yours, Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Anon, Orc. You can change the base you want to play, for example Strom Screamer and I want to be Shillien Templar base. The price to do it is through FARM OF EINHASAD Now let's do about MUTANT MANAGER A Sub Mutant, you can make any Class available. The Price to do it, will be more expensive than the Normal SubStack. The price to do it is through FARM OF EINHASAD Raid Boss & Epic Boss Spawn Queen Ant - 24h +/- 1h; Zaken - 48h +/- 1h; Core - 36h +/- 1h; Orfen - 36h +/- 1h; Scarlet van Halisha - 48h +/- 1h; Baium - 5 days +/- 2h; Antharas - 8 days +/- 1h; Valakas - 12 days, +/-20m; Noblesse Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 6h; All Raid Boss - Retail Time; Olympiad & Castle Sieges Olympiad - Weekly (Only Base Class) Castle Sieges - Weekly WEB FORUM: We hope you enjoyed the settings. Any suggestions are welcome and will be evaluated. Sorry for the mistakes but english is not my native language