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interlude L2 Devastated[Interlude]


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Hello Guys 'sup???

Im here to Invite you in a brand new server Called Devastated to increase our community and have some fun all togethere  :)

So here are some Infos About the Server



x2000 exp

x2000 sp

x10000 adena


Full GM Shop Everywhere

NPC Buffers in All towns

Global Gatekeepers everywhere

Class Changers in Starter Towns and also in Giran ,Aden and Goddard

Castle Sieges like Retail

Clan Halls Like Retail

No Subclass Q

Easy Noble Quest

Olympiad Works like retail

Buff Time:4Hours


Also there is A Trader Which Sells

Mordor Weapons[High Stats]

Epic Armors/Shields/Masks


Enchant Info:

Rate :80%

Max :30!


Its a Pure PvP server there is No Grade Penalty so your exp can be done with S grade gears from 1 lvl :P


The patch is here: http://rapidshare.com/files/91280195/L2Devastated.rar.html

And the Server site is: http://www.devastated.ucoz.com

Accounts Are Auto Create

So Dont forget to join and vote :P C y All Ingame

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