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[L2OFF] L2Exite


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   * Exp: x50

   * SP: x10

   * Adena: x100

   * Drop: x8

   * Spoil: x8




   * Interlude Client Supporting

   * Flawless Geodata ( C4 / C5 / Interlude )

   * Noblesses & Heroes System

   * Seven Signs & Castle Sieges

   * Fishing

   * Raidbosses Farming & Epic Raidbosses

   * Augementation

   * Cursed Weapons ( Zariche & Akamanah )

   * 24 Max BuffSlots ( Divine Inspiration ) & 10 Debbuff Slots

   * Max Level 80

   * Community Server ( For organised Shops )

   * Clan System ( Clan Privilleges / Clan Halls / Clan Wars / Max Level 8 / Clan Sub-Clans / Clan Skills / Reputation Score / Top Clan Rank System )

   * Castle Deco's and much more fuctions .....

   * All new Items ( Shadow Weapons / Clan Armors / Accessories )

   * All New Skills ( as Hero Skills, Fusion Skills )

   * Single/Party Dueling

   * Client 3-Bar Quick Slots.




   * Customizations into NPCs:

         o Global Gatekeeper ( Towns & Hunting Zones )

         o GM Shops ( Armor , Weapon , Misc ) Up to S-Grade Items.

         o Delever NPC.

         o Special NPC for exchange your seal stones to ancient adena.

         o NPC Buffers with up to 2nd class buffs/dances/songs.

   * Customizations into Items:

         o Custom Ancient Adena farming areas.

         o Titanium Armor ( Heavy , Light , Robe ).

         o Dynasty Weapons ( Sword , Dual Swords , Bow , Dagger , Staff , Hammer , Pole )

         o Custom Tattoo's.

         o First/Second/Third Class marks in shops for free.

         o Petite Knife exhchange with adena.

         o Mana Potions.

               + Gives 300 MP Instant. ( As Drop from Monsters - Mana Potions )

               + Gives a Great Ammount of MP into 15 Seconds. ( From Shops - Mana Drugs ).

         o Offline Shops ( As Scroll from Misc Shop ).

   * Customizations into Skills/Buffs:

         o Auto Learning Skills.

         o Custom Skill to avoid grief-buffing.

         o General Buffs/Dances/Songs last 1 hour.

         o 3rd Class Regural Buffs/Dances/Songs ( including Cov / Prophecies ) last 30 minutes.

         o Dance of Siren / Gift of Queen last 5 minutes.

   * Other Customizations:

         o 1x1 peace zones in spawns to avoid Spawn-killing / Spawn-healing.

         o No Clan Penalties.

         o Max Clans per ally is 5.

         o Sieges Per 2 weeks. According the Seven Signs Quest. ( Friday & Saturday & Sunday ).

         o Automatically item removing sytem.

         o Custom Armor/Weapon/Tattoo Drops from Epic Raidbosses.

         o No Level 20 Gap.

         o Custom PVP System, which give you 1 PVP Coin every time you win on PvP. With these coins you can earn goods.


Enchant Customizations:


   * Safe Enchant on Weapons/Armors is +3.

   * Enchant Rate is 66%. ( Or 2/3 ).


Custom Weapons:


   * Dynasty Sword: Bestows Focus, Health or Light.

   * Dynasty Two Handed Sword: Bestows Focus, Health or Light.

   * Dynasty Phantom: Bestows Acumen, Mana Up or Conversion.

   * Dynasty Bow: Bestows Focus, Guidance or Evasion.

   * Dynasty Knife: Bestows Focus, Evasion or Critical Damage.

   * Dynasty Halberd: Bestows Anger, Critical Stun or Light.

   * Dynasty Cudgel: Bestows Anger, Health or Risk Focus.

   * Dynasty Mace: Bestows Mana Up, Conversion or Acumen.

   * Dynasty Bagh-Nakh: Bestows Risk Haste, Risk Evasion or Haste.

   * Dynasty Ancient Sword: Bestows Focus, Health or Light.


Custom Armors:


   * Titanium Armor:

         o Heavy: Maximum HP +1000, P. Atk. +7%, P. Def. +15%, M. Def. 7% CON +3.

         o Light: Maximum HP/MP +500, P. Atk. +12%, Atk. Spd. 10%, P. Def. +5%, M Def. 5%, Evasion +4, DEX +2.

         o Robe: Maximum MP +800, HP +200, Casting Spd. +15%, M. Atk. + 10%, P. Def. +10%, Wit +2, Men + 3.

   * Epic Armor:

         o Heavy: Maximum HP +1400, P. Atk. +8%, Atk. Spd. +9%, P. Def. +17%, STR +2, CON +3.

         o Light: Maximum HP/MP +700, P. Atk +12%, Atk. Spd +12%, P.Def +9%, Evasion +6, DEX +2, STR +1.

         o Robe:Maximum HP +500, MP +1000, Casting Spd. +20%, M. Atk +12%, P. Def. +10%, M. Def. +5%, WIT +3, MEN +2.


Custom Tattoo's:


   * Tattoo of Power: Increase the P.Attack and decrease P.Attack Speed.

   * Tattoo of Fire: Increase the M.Attack and decrease M.Attack Speed.

   * Tattoo of Resolve: Increase the Speed.

   * Tattoo of Flame: Increase the Critical Rate ( Both Magical and Physical ) and decrease P./M.Attack.

   * Tattoo of Bravery: Increase the Max HP and decrease Max MP.

   * Tattoo of Blood: Increase the Max MP and decrease Max HP.

   * Tattoo of Absolute: Increase the P.Attack Speed and decrease P.Attack.

   * Tattoo of Soul: Increase the M.Attack Speed and decrease M.Attack

   * Tattoo of Avadon: Increase the P.Def and decrease M.Def.

   * Tattoo of Doom: Increase the M.Def and decrease P.Def.

   * Tattoo of Pledge: Increase the Evasion and decrease Accuracy.

   * Tattoo of Divine: Increase the Accuracy and decrease Evasion.


Raidbosses Respawn Time:


   * Regular Raibosses: 12 Hours and 3Hours Rand

   * Antharas: 7Days / Rand: 3Hours

   * Zaken: 2Days / Rand: 3Hours

   * Valakas: 7Days / Rand: 3Hours

   * Orfen: 2Days / Rand: 2Hours

   * Frintezza: 5Days / Rand: 3Hours

   * Core: 2Days / Rand: 3Hours

   * Queen ant: 1Day / Rand: 3Hours

   * Baium: 6Days / Rand: 3Hours

   * Kernon/Golgoda/Hallate/Barakiel: 8Hours / Rand: 1Hours


Olympiad Customizations:


   * Olympiad cycle last 2 weeks ( 14days ).

   * Players can use gear up to S Grade but not the custom ( Titanium-Epic Armors/Dynasty Weapons/Tattoo's ).

   * Players cannot use raidboss jewels. ( Because there are people who cannot obtain them, they like alone style ).

   * Players can use up to +3 enchanted armors/jewels and +4 weapons.

   * Olympiad Competition Time changed to 21:00 - 23:00 Every day (Gmt+1).

   * Olympiad Class Based Games are disabled.

   * Custom Anti-Feeding System which checks players conditions and decide alone if they are trying to give free points to others.



Custom TvT Rules/Info:


   * Our New TvT Manager will be spawned to Giran Every 4 Hours.

   * 2 Parties will enter (Only Full Parties).

   * You Will have 5 minutes to get buffed (You will get unbuffed before you get teleported at coliseum.)

   * The Winner will be the party which will cast a special skill to the NPC which will locate at middle of Coliseum.

   * All Players from the winning party will take prize (1 event coin).

   * At Custom NPC will be made a list with items which you can get by exchanging your event coins.



Other Customizations/Notes:


   * Monsters which will drop epic recipes (1/500 Chance or 0,2% * 8 = 1,6%)":

         o Solina Brother

         o Monastery Guardian

         o Silent Seeker

         o Guardian of the Holy Land

         o Pilgrim of Light

         o Guardian of the Grail

   * Monsters which will drop epic armor parts (1/300 Chance or 0,3% * 8 = 2,6%):

         o Solina Lay Brother

         o Monastic Crusader

         o Warrior Monk

         o Judge of Light

         o Divine Advocate

         o Guardian of the Grail

   * Custom Title Colouring System depending your PVP Points (Through Account Panel)!

         o 500 PVP: Orange!

         o 1000 PVP: Yellow!

         o 1500 PVP: Blue!

         o 2000 PVP: Green!

         o 2500 PVP: Black!

         o 3000 PVP: Pink!

         o 3500+ PVP: Red!

   * Custom Unstuck Fuction (Through Account Panel)!

   * Custom Vote System (Through Account Panel)! ( You can vote for our server and you will take a coin as a "gift". Of course these coins will be exchangeable for items IG. )



* Custom TvT Event.


Active staff members, No corruption, Balance Donations, Adding SA the Enchant will stay.


JOIN NOW ! www.l2exite.com !


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Finaly a mid server with enchant rate 66% and with custom stuff but not useable on olympiad AND THE BEST ONE:Players cannot use raidboss jewels on olympiad. ( Because there are people who cannot obtain them, they like alone style ).


Awesome features, really, finally a decent olympiad.

All i wanted, will join for sure after exams.


Hope u keep server up long time and not 2 months like others.

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Site is not working... and i've seen the exact same features somewhere else.Oh yeah over here http://www.l2exite.com/index.php?page=features c/p hf!

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this is an epic failed servidor, Just join , spend 10 days to farm ubercustoms ...and then OMFG A -beep-ING DONOR HITS UF OR 10 K. Then ...u just /ragequit.


Join now ! and btw how many on ? i bet half of them are boxes for 3rdbuffs haha

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