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a0x0xa0xa0 rees why your girl is always asking from me to help her a?

our pack is equal and not l2jbrazil so idiot ..... 0xa0xa0xa0a0x tell at your girlfriend to kiss my dick you bastard....

and the picture on the forum ... is advertisment so idiot soo idiot.... lol... epic fail

about that

its fake... he just made that.... so -beep-ing asshole someone ban him he always teasing me .... lol.. you speak under a computer you asshole come to greece and ill -beep- your mother you bitch and your girlfriend is anoying to mutch.. advertisments from forum , are becouze the forum is free you noob ..0a0xa0xa00 learn to make website or something im just learning...btw ... Why You Have To Be Like THAT CHANGE YOUR MIND IDIOTTT!


your mother i have to fix many thinks thats the only one that not makes me feel worry.. so ....


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