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[L2OFF] L2 Vendetta


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Server Is ONLINE


Warning There is Donations!

There is still a fair Advantage


Hardware Specs:

Dual Intel Xeon 2.4ghz


2x 250 GB SATA II (7200 RPM)

2x 74 GB Western Digital Raptor HDD (10k RPM)

1gbit Dedicated Connection




Lineage ][ Chaotic throne. (Interlude)

Epic Weapons

Epic Cloaks

Rates are 35x with boosted rates in the custom zones.

Abandoned Coal Mines is our custom area.

Most of the spawn points if not all are safe zones, we also have a spawn silence to prevent spawn healing/debuffing.

Auto learn skills.

Cursed Weapon System. (Zariche and Akamanah)

Working fusion skills.

Full Clan System with the possibility to change clan leadership and ability to assign unit captains.

Enchant rate is 50%.

24 Buff slots.

Debuff slots.

There is no EXP penality for leveling lowbies.

Flawless Geodata.

A Class Changer can be found at Mithril Shopping Zone to change your 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.

Mithril Shopping Zone.

Custom Shops.

Global Gatekeepers and NPC buffers.

All items are sold on shops for Adena and/or Ancient Adena.

All buffs last 2 hours except Prophecies, Chant of Magnus, Chant of Victory and Victories of Paagrio.

Custom Items

Epic Armors

Vendetta Armor (Donation Only)

Epic Dark Knight Armor - Craft able Droped by Raidbosses



Exclusive Features:


Custom Vendetta PvP System: When you kill an enemy in a Custom PvP Zone (as mentioned above), you'll earn Vendetta Coins and the enemy is going to lose the same amount, very similar to Olympiad, except it'll be in a normal place, with full buffs and the expertise of your team and strategies. These coins can be then used to purchase custom items and specific Epic Accessories only available for purchase with Vendetta Coins which can only be earned through PvP. Every now and then PvP events will be held using this system, in which the world will engage into a massive war, meaning all areas will temporarily turn into PvP Zones. So, let's just put it this way... There won't be peace.

Vendetta PvP Title Color System: PvPers will be awarded with custom title colors automatically, according to their PvP ranking (e.g: 500+ PvPs = yellow title, 1000+ PvPs = purple title (just an example)).

Custom Anti-Bot System: We have a custom anti-bot system that will prevent bots from taking the joy of the game.




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