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L2-Speed of PvP Wiped with good updates!


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Hello, L2-Speed the server was actually quite a lot of updates. Some of them are as follows:


    * Donate Items you can get from any Shop.

    * Change all Zones.

    * Changed RaidBoss and their zones.

    * Deleted Bews/Beas and Bead Ournament zone.

    * It was put Epic Armors.


Now we can have as many people donate so simple server players. I think it really great updates. For further information you can find out by visiting our Web site. http://L2-Speed.lt


Kronika: C6

---->Server Rates<----


XP - 1000x

SP - 1000x

Aden - 1000x

Drop - 1x


---->Enchant Rates<----


Max Weapon Enchant: +30

Max Armor Enchant: +30

Event/Donate Max: +35

Safe +7

Simple Echant Rates: 85%

Bessed Enchant Rates 90%

Crystall Enchant Rates 95%


---->About Server<----


5 Subclasses

GM Shop

Color Manager

S Grade 1 LvL

Start LvL 80

Custom Item Shop

Global GK

Full Buffer

Buff Time 1H

No NoBless Quest [Quest Items - Nobless Item]


Castle Siege's [Every 2 Weeks]

Clan Shop [Clan Eggs]

Skill Echanter

Wedding System

And Much More :)


---->Custom Items<----


Speed Weapons - Stats = Icarus Weapons

Icarus Weapons - Stats = Speed Weapons

Dynasty Armors.



---->Donate Items<----


Desert Eagle Wings

Epic Mask

Quick Healling potion and Greater CP Potions.

Donate Items you can get from Donate Shop.


---->Olympiad Info<----


Olympiad Time [ 16.00-22.00 ]

Olympiad Period Ended Every Sunday [ 22.30 ]

Olympiad Registration Only in giran .


Http://L2-Speed.lt in waiting.


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Max Weapon Enchant: +30

Max Armor Enchant: +30

Event/Donate Max: +35

[sarcasm]Awesome  will sure join just for this[/sarcasm]

Translate the website

And gl..

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