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What style server you prefer to play

what style u prefer  

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  1. 1. what style u prefer

    • 1 stuck sub middle rate
    • 1 stuck sub high rate

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hi guys i will open a lineage2 server soon so i want your opinion!please vote :)


1) 1 stuck sub server with item to sub class u can sub class from a human to human,human to elf and the elf to elf and elf to human

and the orcs to dark elfs ,orc to orcs,dark elfs to orcs and dark elfs to orcs dwarfs can sub class everything they want!

the server will have more options and i will make the rates x80 and start 20 level!u can buy everything from shop but not s grade

to add SA on ur weapon you must exp crystal


2)Pvp server 1 stuck sub everything on the shop sub class with item from boss


i include donates on my server because i cant rent a server pc every month in U.S.A(im from greece)


so u think who server is good for donates and good game play?


i think a low rate is more qualitative and it isnt boring



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Actually i have quit servers with stacking subclasses, just got tired of too many unbalanced things and i went to frienz because it remember me the time i played on Kain.Servers low rate are nice because it attracts serious players.High rate pvp servers are usually popullated by ppl looking for test subclasses combos,stats modifications,random low-lvl killing and these kind of sh1ts, so my vote goes to low rate. XD

GL with ur server demonic

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mexikan this is my opinion too and i will make sth like dragon network


btw in a high rate u play for 1 month and after u leave me u are bored ...

second i need donates to keep it alive because i cant pay every month 150$

dont worry about the balance i will take good developers  ;)

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for first i want a good and normal server if the donates go good i will make a network cuz i dont want money from the donates just to make the people have fun with good servers with free lag ;)

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1) 100%


but do not enphasise on LOW rate, I mean... do something like half mid-rate, like x10,x15 or sth, preferable in my opinion ;)


Good luck with your server ;)

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Imho u should pick a medium/low rate server. Expecially if u need donations to run it. Ppl usualy go to high rate servers to test things and they dont stay long. I also think x100 is way too high. Try a x50 or even a bit less. Why? Cause if ppl work just a little harder (not too hard or they will quit) they tend to stay a bit more. Carefull about those donations. You have some easy ways to give cool stuff to players from donations. Im talking about things like 3rd class quest or star of destiny (or w/e the subclass item name is). Carefull about overenchanted donated weapons. We've all seen what those can do to a server. Just a final note to the sublass method. Think ALOT of it and try a few combinations in a high rate server :P. See if u get some of them overpowered (orc combos usually are). Try to balance things in the beggining so u wont have to nerf subs after players get them. Good luck. It will be good to have an alternative to DNET.

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the donates will be soul crystals s grade weapons(cuz i will add it only in bosses)and +8 the max donate on weapons for a and s grade i need the donates for help not for cash ;)

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for a donation server I think mid rate (like 10-15x) would be best

and you gotta be careful with what items ppl can donate for, ppl tend to leave servers when you get 10 donators with +897987987 weps one shotting everyone

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