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[Guide] l2walker - opening boxes with keys.

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Actually the "incorect target will make a preoblem in the logs if GMs see it.


You can do this. You must be dagger to silent step so as not to need to kill anything imo. Then you need to make him "use skill" and click a skill that needs sword to be done (like the skill every fighter gets in lvls lower than 20) so dagger cannot use them cause he uses dagger. This way he will never attack any box.


Then you can use the "HP" option but not every 2 seconds, you can put it longer like 10 seconds so as not to make a huge problem.

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Please lock this topic mod, Full of spammers with <100 posts. I suggest someone with the authority delete all useless posts like


Great guide.  ;) thx

woow thanx man i need this guide

nice share

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Another question regarding the keys .  I will also need a Dagger to make all the time keys with his skills.

Also a bot party to kill the boxes in order to respawn and take more enchants.

Also how can i configuire the path in order to open boxes all over i kerta .

these are my questions plz help !!!

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here is my trick :P


download any boxes/chests patch for your client... run the game normal with walker..open up the walker at the spot your gonna open boxes at..then mons settings, uncheck attack from ALL,and spoil too,then go to information.. then monsters..and keep targeting each chest untill you target the right one ( you will see on your client which one you targeted :o ) you should see it ingame if its a chest or box, after you have chosen your box, right click on it from the information>mons menu and check on attack,uncheck everything else

enjoy :P


PS: you better have another char a bot or not, killing the chests ,or boxes wont respawn

PS2: and don't put ur hopes up too high.. the enchant weapon scrolls rate is too low..soo.. you will have lots of enchant armors x)


where i can download this patch also and how i use to figure out the boxes and the chest.


p.s  Boxes don't open ?

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