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  1. there is no newer verify emulator.. but there are 2 cracked walkers hellbound here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=32440.0 1.96 gracia part 2 here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=44879.0 2.09
  2. Can some one give me a link to the right token loader for interlude? cause mine doesn't relay put the token inside the walker when its running :-\
  3. yes the first time is see L2asrv_064... i thought this programmer stopped making these verify emulators.. and why do we need to put id and pw in this L2asrv? i tested it on OOG 10.9.0 but it gave me allot of errors.
  4. check this server http://insomnia.c0.pl see at the rules :) 6.Walker IS ALLOWED (bufers/shops)
  5. pfff i cant launch the game client when server ip/port is set and port, i did all steps. So now i need to modify the client or something? (its a private server interlude, i use v231b)
  6. When i try to open PHX on interlude client it get closed in 2 sec :/
  7. Hi, i'm trying to bot on a server were you can bot with IG easily. With OOG it gives me already fail at the login server. Is this because of protection or am i doing something wrong? the server uses standard interlude token and standard protocol version. (i've checked it) I use vpnbot to verify and token.exe by hint options.ini [Options] Title=L2Walker 10.8.6 Server=Dragonians Token=33313D3D2D252640215E2B5D5B3B272E5D39342D OffSet=$0054D1E4 GMFix=0 Rename=1 Walker set.ini [DEFAULT] CountryList=Dragonians DefaultCountry=0 DefaultServer=0 DefaultCharacte
  8. netstat -n ftw thats not the problem :/
  9. you cannot have extra buffs in olympiad... if you do your making an exploit. so simple is that
  10. thank you buttplug very useful and it works! ;)
  11. sepultura finntroll inflames opeth slipknot static x korn disturbed rammstein... clipz subfocus logistics blacksunempire noisia prodigy pendulum hype hazard aphex twin tc... all sort of dubstep, hiphop, minimal... and when its siege noting... coz i need to listen to my clanleader u.u
  12. I made this video as advertisement for L2EuroWorld (C4server) :P done with Sony Vegas
  13. Crystal dagger is sexy with some theca