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  1. Hi. When I logon with walker (OOG or IG) i can login on Login Server but everytime when i try to connect with Game Server i get DC. On OOG its: 14:00:02 Link LoginServer Succeed. 14:00:04 Login LoginServer Success. 14:00:04 SYMBOLS[01]SYMBOLS:30.05%SYMBOLS 14:00:07 Link GameServer Succeed. 14:00:07 ->Login GameServer Fail. Any ideas how to bypass this? PS: Its not packet error!
  2. Here: http://rapidshare.com/files/245193904/L2Walker_1.46_by_OwNeD.rar.html This is L2W IG 1.46 works perfectly on c4off. In pack you got host and l2asrv Read file ReadMe!!!!!.txt before start. PS: Sorry for my english...
  3. We are stuck... No one wanna help us. ;/ I edited the clean system changing auth port to 2362 and ip in l2.ini and I stil can't connect.
  4. Not jet ;/ We are still w8ing... for something.
  5. OM*G PPL L2 Servers are: Login Server - 2106 (default port) Game Server - 7777 (default port) ON Earth ports are: Login Server - 2362 Game Server - 7007 That's all...
  6. Second is Game Server :) :P.
  7. But admins on Earth are nAAb's. They can't set good rates! ;/ But i think anti-bot protection is only in Client. Not on server...
  8. But ppl - i start Oracle L2W 2.09 and everything works fine. And when i press start combat/autofun nothing happend. Engine.dll from Earth have - 3.6 MB Engine.dll from Clean Interlude system - 29 MB That's our problem. When you change engine.dll to oryginal you wont connect.
  9. Try with unofficial no_gg patch: http://mfyyre.narod.ru/ and download from MaxCheaters L2 Oracle 2.09 IG. PS: OU AND FOR 20 Sec DC use ECHO from mfyyre.narod.ru
  10. That's help me a lot but stil i cant bot... Bot not responding. and in oog ->Login Server: Fail. BTW: The blowfish is default :) 33313D3D2D252640215E2B5D5B3B272E5D39342D
  11. how to decrypt blowfish? I now only 1 blowfish key for Interlude - 6B60CB5B82CE90B1CC2B6C556C6C6C6C and it won't work.