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Hi guys  i have some  questions to walker.


1.How can i install it so that ho go ever at the same place?(example:im in ketra there i die he go to town and  back to ketra auto.?)



2.my char dont go to city after he die but i have Dead Return on [5]


p.s.what are token?(all ride ver give me token for interlude etc?)



Big thx for your help guys u are the best

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that might be done with scripts.

As example, your bot dies, you log him off, and log in with walker ig.

Go to Other->Scripts and push Script Make(Or smt like that)

push to nearest, and ig walker will write every move you make into script, now just get to your hunting loc, end script, and run the script with oog walker, leave your bot overnight.


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As keelan sayd, to get back to a place after u died, u will need to make a walker script.

It's not that easy to make a Script, U can easily make 1 from walker IG, but u must at least know something about scripts (DELAY's, Charstatus functions, Etc)


Google is ur friend, find some info about walker scripts, and try making Dead Return work ^^

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the only really difficult thing about this would be getting all the possible locations you can end up in after being returned to a village. And, its not that it's hard, it's just time consuming and can eat up a lot of SOEs.


Forgive my forgetfulness on some walker commands, it's been a while. But this is essentially what the script would look like:



GoHome //or whatever the walker command to return to village is



Call(Path to Gate)


Call(Path to Gate1)

//...etc where the PosInRange is a possible location you'd be in town after an SOE


Label(Path to Gate)



//...etc These are your paths to the main exit and would end with your path back to your hunting spot

Call(Path to Hunting Spot)


Label(Path to Hunting Spot)


Call(Agro) //script to see if you need to kill something on the way












PosInRange(x,y,z) //fight location







That's the jist of it.

Some commands might be a little off, been a while since I scripted anything.


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Asa what must i do with this command ?where i must programm it?


keelan what is ch?



someone have a newbie guide or so???XD


p.s i dont understand how i start a script by my walker  10.7.1

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