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  1. hmmm oki and it dont give any hack progs that work more...?
  2. Hey guys i look for server it must be C4,C6,or CT1 where are Hlapex or Packethack(PHX)are working. i dont find nothing in the web. so maybe somebodey can say me a server where this programms work? maybe u play on a server wher this progs work so post it plz. plz guysss help me to find one big thx for your help
  3. Hey guys, i search for a multiskills/stuck subs server for good pvp. this things sould have the server: -100exp rate (it can be from 100-999999999) -200+players -good community -interlude or ct1 it can have custom locations/weapons/armors/skills if u dont know a good multiskill/stuck subs server can u recommend maybe a good highrate pvp server with much players and custom items. -c6,ct1 -much players rate from 1k to.... thx for your help. big thx
  4. ok guys then tell me plz when they play more people^^ty
  5. i was there today tehre are so low players 20 max+++i hope it will be more
  6. HI Guys i search for a high rate server cause i dont have much time more for l2 so i want only pvp on a server maybe farm some things^^. This things must have the server -C4 or Interlude or CT1 -1000+ rate -many players so 300+ -custom items like weapons armors tattos i search in top 200 ....but i dont find a good server i looked too by l2 dysteny but it maybe give a betetr server. so big thx for your help and time
  7. Hi Guys i play since c3 l2 and i switch from one to other server now i want a server where i can play a long time.Here are soem infomations what i need. Rates from 20-100 Players about 500+ International server Items to craft (not all to buy in gm shop) And maybe some custom server items... maybe it can be Interlude/CT1 big thx for your time and help
  8. i sad only for example dn it can be too a other server
  9. HI Guys i want to tarde all my items on L2 Refsued for items on a other good server where play many people(maybe DN Dragon) or so.(max. echante weapon +30/Armor +25) WTT: -DYN BOW +Focus +30 -DYN Bow Master Set(light) +16 -Crystal Swim Set +16 -Ant+16,Zaken,Core,and i get get baium when someone want -Tateossian Necklace +16,Earing +16 +++ -2.5k Special Event Medals -450 Gold Bars (1 GB = 500KK) If someone want i can get the items what he want(trade or try to enchant) So leave your offers here and say on wich server u
  10. Hallo, Who need a C6 Client can download it here ! http://rapidshare.com/files/54666094/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part01.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54679310/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part02.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54697953/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part03.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54713633/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part04.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54731220/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part05.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54747045/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part06.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54762203/L2_Interlude_Live_Client.part07.ra
  11. Hi guys i want to know how i can get a Uploader account? ( become i one when i upload any client in rapidshare or so?
  12. what must i do with the patch after i download it?
  13. Hi guys i want that my char go to special places must i have the code for the territory?and where i must enter it that my char go to the place? I have the walker 10.7.1 when i need walker maps i found it here in this forum but i need 200 posts :( and i have 30 and i found nothing.
  14. Asa what must i do with this command ?where i must programm it? keelan what is ch? someone have a newbie guide or so???XD p.s i dont understand how i start a script by my walker 10.7.1