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[L2J] Sancak


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You don't have to delete your old server system folder, cuz we named our system folder as Sancak...why?

Because we are looking for all updates released by ncsoft!

System folder named as SANCAK (Mirror 1)

System folder named as SANCAK (Mirror 2)







Lineage II CT 2.5 FREYA[/td]



DEDICATED SERVER, and soon it will be much better!





Experience multiplier 8x

Skill points multiplier 5x

Experience multiplier (Party) 10x

Skill points multiplier (Party) 5x

Drop rate 10x

Adena drop rate 20x

Spoil rate 25x

Buff duration multiplier 6x

(expect kamael and dwarf skills, all dances and songs are 1 hour.)






Enchant rate is %66

Elemental stone enchant chance is 25%


Max enchantment is +16

Safe enchant rate is +3





TvT Event

CTF Event

Kill Event Boss

Bloodshed Event

Treasure of Vampirella (unique event)

Last Stand Event

Master of Enchanting


Crystal Caverns

Dark Cloud Mansion

Squash Event

Heavy Medal Event......etc...



Opened at: 15 November 2010








Buff duration multiplier 6x (expect kamael and dwarf skills, all dances and songs are 1 hour.)

All basic recipes drop from all mobs by 2% chance


Offline Trader

Shout Channel: Global

Trade Channel: Global

Blacksmoth and Merchant of Mammon spawn location announced in auto.

Operating System is Centos and server is mine and in a datecenter, so no close, no lag, no wipe etc.

Global Gatekeepers

Full Buffer (with kamael and dwarf buffs)

Balanced pvp

Fortress are working

Olympiad is working

7sign is working

Everything working with retail features

No MP pot

Auto events

You can view infos about npc by shift click


Custom addons;

Full buffer npc with 6 sets

Scheme buffer

Hunting zones with buffer upto level 80.

Easy teleportation system in gatekeepers in all towns. (Other towns and hunting zones)

Some unique events.

We have much experience in developing java applications, developing our own improvements and modifications.




Balanced classes! how? cuz everythin is like retail like buff times, skill stats etc... and it chances so much thing in gameplay! You will taste what is original and difficult with some improved features like, hunting zone teleportaition, full buffer!

What about donation?











If you are playing in another server and want to look for SANCAK, you don't have to delete anything for that! Just update your client and than download our system folder called as Sancak. Please click here to start download.



thanks cheaters, in 3 day there are 23 online ppl... not so good but nice!




we also advertise our server on facebook, 500$ has gone! we hope new ppl will come soon!


















what? a real gift! if you come with your clan with 10 or more player, the clan leader will gain a different access level and lots of rights.


For example;

different name color (blue)

full food


ride bike




TvT Event - Auto

Team versus team event, participation npc spawn in giran before 30 minutes and announce when will start.


Celebrate Freya - Auto

A coin is enoung for freya, buy a potion with a coin.


Capture the base - Auto

A simple event, starts in Goddard and announce when will start, the rewards are some nice accessories with low chance.


Last Hero - Auto

This event starts in Giran after restart and after all 180 minutes it starts again and again, reward is really nice. The winner becomes hero until logout.


Frog Race, Moto Race - GM

All participations transform to frog, kid or moto, and than the race starts. If you win race, reward will be yours.


Rabbit - GM

The simple Rabbit Box event! Participations transform to rabbit and than open boxes with their unique skills, all reward can be found in these boxes.


Easy Boss Hunting Bosses - Auto

One of selected boss that might be Barion, Shacram, Anakazel, Lord Ishka, Ice Fairy Sierrai or Lost Captain, spawn somewhere in the world and announce it's location so wait one hour for event than despawn. After first event, the same event will start again and again in every 4 hours. Rewards: Elemental Stones, Fireworks, B grade weapons, event medals and a life stone.


Hard Boss Hunting Bosses - Auto

One of selected boss that might be Queen Shyeed, Lilith, Anakim, Tiat, Ekimus, Beleth or Benom, spawn somewhere in the world and announce it's location so wait one hour for event than despawn. After first event, the same event will start again and again in every 4 hours. Rewards: Elemental Stones, Fireworks, B grade weapons and A grade common weapons, event medals and a life stone.


Find Character Event - GM

A npc spawn in a town, and gm announce some tips. If you find this npc first, [GM]Owner will reward you.


Vitality Event - Auto

A simple event which support you with a buff.


Master of Enchanting Event - Auto

Master yogi spawned in giran near blacksmith, enchant his staff. Maybe he will reward you. If you are good enough, really nice reward can be optained.


Squash Event - Auto

Summer squash? Collect nectar and spawn squash, after all cut them with chrono weapon, some potion and scrolls can be found in these squashes.


Medal Event - Auto

Collect medals from monsters, play heads or tails and than buy items from event manager.


Bloodshed Events - Auto

A simple solo maze event, kill bosses and find reward event.


Treasure of Vampirella Event - Auto

A unique solo maze event, kill Bloody Vampirella and find her treasure.


Kill GM Events - GM

A teleporter npc spawned in giran and teleport all players to gm's room, the gm killer wins a great reward.


Rock Game - Auto

A simple rock, paper, scissors game.


Online Event - GM

Be online everytime, the gm will put some rewards to your inventory.


Bunny Money Event - Auto

Collect 50 Treasure Sack Pieces by hunting monsters and retrieving the pieces they're hoarding. When you turn in 50 Treasure Sack Pieces to one of the Bunny Money event managers, you will receive one of six different Treasure Sacks (a 1st through 6th Place Treasure Sack) at random. Once you earn a Treasure Sack, open (double-click) it to see what you've won! Most Treasure Sacks contain only one item, but some contain more.


Save Santa Event - Auto

In order to defeat Thomas D. Turkey, you must first obtain a Saving Santa Hat from one of Santa's Helpers. Santa's Helpers can be found in all major towns and starting villages across the land.


Thomas D. Turkey will spawn every four hours, but only for 30 minutes. His "battleground" will be the area just south of Frozen Valley (which is south of Dwarven Village).



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if you have any question about server you can pm me but dont ask for help.


server and client art supporting utf-8 if someone want to translate npcs html files. we can create a greek city in server like giran (Turkish capital)


have a nice day.

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  • 1 month later...

I won't join just because i don't have enough free time for low rates srvs.. anyway srv looks pretty nice..

probably openning date is 15.11.2010

u told probably opening day is PROBABLY on 15/11/2010.. if u aren't sure u should ask a g mod to move it into previews.

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our server has just opened and ppl like it


we are waiting for u, come and enjoy


cuz, we make this server a server attractive for those players who are tired of cheats that you are bored at 2 months.



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i will try it.


please contact me in our forum (pm to owner), cuz in turkiye nobody has enough info about game, quests, and balance between classes (however no body knows about class balance:))


but we are hard workig, and looking for all new ideas!


in 2 weeks we will change our server machine and there won't be any lag!

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