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eixa parei to pack tou willowy allaepianan bugs..perasa pola java codes kai dn m edixnw kapio prob  eclipse....

to pack anoigei mia xara....


alla otan ftanw edw dn m kanei login..


epishs otan anoigw to prwto pack..xwris ta fix anoigei mia xara... :/


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esis dn katalavenete auto to link ine gia fix tou srv attacker apo tou dragonhunter ti dn katalavenete re aporw .apla aporw...pes oti dokimazei to pedi attack tou dragonhunter to v1 kai tou bgazei auto to error(se emena auto ebgaze) kai etc vazei to code ala to code exei problem kai dn afinei tous pektes sto login.ti dn katalavenete?

kai omws eixe dikio.....evgala to code to ksanaevala kai twra mpainei kanonikotata!!!! se euxaristw polu george...

aa kai Crash alh fora na perimeneis na deis apotelesmata prin milhseis!! ;)

thx kai pali George.. :)


to prob luthike kapiosmod na to lock thx..

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E eides p anefera an egine tetoia allagh allh fora na kaneis pio sigekrimeno to post s dn anafereis kati tetoio wstoso eixa adiko nai sugnwmh alla perimena oti 8a einai kati tetoio locked.

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    • It's unusual to have connection issues on localhost. When this happens, check your computer's memory and processor usage. If they're too high, it might cause timeouts. Also, look at your MySQL settings, especially max_allowed_packet and wait_timeout. If they're too low, increase them. Did you previously change any settings?   Poorly written queries can also cause connection issues. You can perform a Java Flight Recording: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/248080-ubuntu-server-2204-low-latency-and-high-performance/
    • yes. i got one error: [Warning] Aborted connection 3 to db: 'SERVER_DB' user: 'root' host: 'localhost' (Got timeout reading communication packets)
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    • Can u share your linux distro and if you have applied any settings on it?
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