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WTS [WTS]L2J Pack !

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Hello I want to sell one pack with those Features(Most of them Configurable):


Server look on http://www.hopzone.net and get vote count after that announce it.

You choise in config how much vote need for one reward and if players do it then server give they automatic reward for it (you can choise only one):

- OFF,

- Enchant rate better on XX % (you can choise type of enchant: normal, blessed, crystal, you can chice too max enchant rate [script dont give more then you write])

- Raid boss spawn,

- Give item for all online players (only one item per IP, then if someone have logged more players he get only one),

- Start Automatic Event (TvT or CTF),

- Random reward (raid boss, item or event, after one reward is random new one),



 ! MAIN !

- Main town teleport system (soe, /unstuck etc teleport to one location),

- Players can choice all subclass and enchant skills in one NPC (you dont need spawn all Grand Master),

- XX hours Buffs and augment skills by one change in config

- You can change max players in clan (many servers are owned by one clan, better change max players on maby 30-50 and problem resolved),

- All new chars have XX title, are spawned in one place and see some effect on start (Earthquake, and social action "Victory"),

- Announce Castle lord and Raid Boss Spawn (without epic),

- If player have more then XX level then academy dont get points (if in config level is < 40 then clan never get points and noone can creat academy [no more spam server with 999character for add some reputation points]),

- All skills working,

- All Augmentation Working,

- Automatic Event: TvT, CTF,

- Donator title and nick color,


   ! FIXs !


- Clan hall blessed soe bug (in that bug players can buy how many they want BSOE, do not fixed on most project)

- Drop HP bug (when use destroyer use Crush of Doom skill on moob and change target then he hit himself and fast drop HP),

- Stuck Augment bug (when player use two hand weapon and wear shield then passive augment stuck),

- Stuck Sublclass bug,

- Battle and spell force bug (normal developers dont save buffs after change subclass for fix it, my files save it)

- Bugs in olympiad

- Trade enchant exploit (players cant enchant while trading)

- Clan skills bug (in bug player need relog after join clan)

- Cp Bug



- Dual Box Protection in:

* fight,

* olympiad,

* TvT, CTF event,


- L2Walker protection,

- Check skill (if character have inlegal skill [from another class] then skill is removed and player is jailed for 180min)

- Check enchant level (same like up but item is removed),


     ! NPC !

- Dekarma NPC (remove karma from players, ID: 19 [you can place it in castle or something like that]),

- Level up NPC (give 80lvl, ID: 15),

- Buffer (ID: 10), Scheme Buffer (ID: 12),

- Top List Manager (Toplist: Pvp, PK, Time in Game, Gold Bar, Clan, ID: 13),

- Siege Teleporter (teleport on siege with XX interval [attacker out or castle and defender into caste], ID: 17 [GM interval is 5sec]),

- Raid Teleporter (Teleport players on raid boss location with XX interval [just if he is spawned] good thing because when player make some pvp on rb they cant back in 10sec [GM interval is 5sec]),

- All important NPC like WH have changed HTML for better (that NPC ID: 1,2,3,4,9),


     !  BALANSE !

- Config file with many options to balanse characters (config for all class, armor type etc),

- Debuff reuse balanse for better gameplay,


   !   FIGHT !

- Special Fight system:

On most servers player cant teleport when they are flaged then when someone come on spot and dont hit anyone, can do it, here you are in FIGHT mode when you hit or someone hit you! (that work only on players)

Options in Fight System:

* player cant teleport, use soe and /unstuck (just can use BSOE),

* if player is in FIGHT mode then mana potion have reuse but normal dont have (Good for deterioration Over Power dagger and bishop) (Potion ID: 728) and we have potion without reuse allways (Potion ID: 726) but if you want turn it off just use config (dont need use potion 726),

* cant use some command like away,


- Pvp, Pk reward system,

- Pvp,PK Color System (5colors for Pvp and 5 for PK),

- Custom fight title (players title will by change on something like that "PvP:12 | PK:2"),

- QUAKE system (after XX kills server announce it like "NICK is Dominating! With 4 Kills."),

- Hero aura for XX kills in row without die (player dont get any skills),


    !  OLYMPIAD !

- Retail Olympiad (after win fast return),

- When player lost in fight can not lost more points then XX,

- To be hero you need XX match wins and/or XX olympiad points,

- Hero skills on all subclass after XX win olympiad,

- Easy change olympiad time pariod (in config),


     ! RAID BOSS !

- You can change Epic Raid respawn time in config (they dont respawn after server restart like on most servers),

- Can not by healed,

- if someone tries to infer boss then he back on spawn location,


    !  ITEMS !

- Custom Armor system (if player dont have mastery for armor type then cant use it [heavy set can use only character with heavy armor mastery]),

- Augmentation after click on LS and cancell after click on GemStone,

- Spawn Raid Boss after click on item (all epic raid boss if boss is better then have lower chance for spawn [have 30% for spawn gremlin]),

- Reputation points after click on item (just clan leader can use it),

- Nobles after click on item,

- Hero after click on item (to logout),



- cl (teleport for adena to player leader),

- online,

- votereward (information about reward for vote [Vote Manager]),

- away, back,

- tradeon, tradeoff,

- deposit, withdraw (Gold Bar System),

- serverinfo,

--New UPDATE-- (! Configs example !)

config folder Contains: 2 Other Config Folders Custom & Bosses.

Class Balance Config EXAMPLE
# Damage Fights Initial
PDamageFightInitial = 1.0
MDamageFightInitial = 1.0

# Damage Knight and Warrior
PDamageKnight = 1.0
MDamageKnight = 1.0

Vote Reward System Config EXAMPLE!

# Reward Type:
# NONE - disable
# ENCHANT - for all reward add some % to enchant chance
# RAIDBOSS - spawn raid boss
# ITEM - all players in game get items (only one item per IP, if someone have logged more characters then item get only one)
# EVENT - Server start one random event (TvT, CTF)
# RANDOM - Before next reward level random reward (RAIDBOSS, ITEM or EVENT)
VoteRewardType = ENCHANT

# How many vote need server for start counting
VoteRewardStart = 0

# How many vote for one reward
VoteRewardCount = 50

# ENCHANT RATE REWARD (for weapon,armor,jawelry)
# What type of enchant will have added reward

# Choice what type of enchant will get reward (can be all)
VoteRewardEnchantNormal = False
VoteRewardEnchantBlessed = False
VoteRewardEnchantCrystal = False

# How many more % for one reward
VoteRewardEnchantChance = 1.0

# Enchant Chance not more then XX%
# If more then here stop adding
VoteRewardEnchantMax = 80

# Spawn raid boss in choiced location (if you want that can be moob)

# Raid Boss ID
VoteRewardRaidID = 29001

# Location (X, Y, Z)
VoteRewardRaidLocX = 82540
VoteRewardRaidLocY = 148620
VoteRewardRaidLocZ = -3495

# All players in game get items (only one item per IP, if someone have logged more characters then item get only one)

# Item ID
VoteRewardItemID = 57

# Item Count
VoteRewardItemCount = 100000000

PLEASE NOTICE that i cannot solve anny problems.I know that I am new member and you may not trust me but.....

1 Pack Already aold !

Price is 3k adena Cheap I think ! Also i am interested in forum or site templates.~~> NO SOURCE  <~~

If you are Interested PM me OR add me at msn :  geo_mxc@hotmail.com

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Nice but i dont thing someone will give 5k for a l2jbrasil + your addons and also no source lawl

I don't know where it is based because it is not mine but i don't think that it is l2jbrasil based :P It is probably teon.You're right i will reduse the price
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since no source it's a preconfig

so 3k adena for a Pre-Config+ the most crappy L2j pack L2teon?

are u kidding?

Don't Like = Don't buy this is what I Sell and I'm not trying to stole someone I say that there is No Source with bigger letters.
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and also -beep-ing l2jteon the failure of the fail of the failures!!! Even brasil is more stable than teon

Sorry my mistake. This is a private project (a Friend Gave this pack to me) called L2J NewAge.

! Topic Updated !

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EDIT:Also since there isn't source its preconfigured pack

First READ and then Reply man.....I said that it is a new private project...
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I don't know where it is based because it is not mine but i don't think that it is l2jbrasil based :P It is probably teon.You're right i will reduse the price

Since files isnt urs

You cant sell it

You dont have the rights !!!

And ur java knowledge is 0 :D So i suggest everyone dont try to buy this bullshits .....

Thats all

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