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  1. For now we must first fix the major problem with the daggers attack.
  2. 1.no way for now 2. ok i will add it on floodprotectors 3.is 20 s lol 4. I dont have any other idea only .nokarma (For now) but thhnx i will see it 5.Yes thats the -beep-ing big problem + d elf daggers
  3. Try this a gave y why y want to make all this :/ disconnect is ok i thing
  4. on 1st minute 32 but too much reports and down for fix
  5. Yes but again down elves are fixed d elf cannot attack we will do much tests till we go up again
  6. Its on beta , we are trying to fix everything.
  7. if (activeChar.getRace() == Race.kamael) { activeChar.closeNetConnection(); return; } Enterworld.java
  8. We decided that we will keep them. Thanks for the support, FDB & Rain^
  9. Prophet only... Contration is on Races buffs :/ but anyway maybe we will keep prophets one
  10. not also tank was 3 hits and btw i will remove that prophet shit buff and keep only races buffs w/o pets if y want pets.. Elemental masters ^^ i dont want to kill all the support also elemental is some kind of playable class
  11. Backstab is fixed Now we rework L2Character.java and on about 30 mins maybe
  12. Nai ti n allaksw t alaksa k etroge error t skill :/