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Berserk Aion


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Berserk Aion 1.9.0.X


Website: http://www.berserkaion.com/

Forums: http://forums.berserkaion.com/



Exp: 10x

Drop Rate: 10x

Kinah: 1x

Quest: 3x

Max Lv: 50


Current Client Version Support: &

Dedicated Server

UPTIME: 24/7


Server Features:



  • Custom Website
  • Custom Website
  • Great Forum
  • Retail like drops
  • Balanced PVP
  • Arena available
  • Summon spirits works
  • New 1.9 Wings and Skills
  • New 1.9 Interface, NPCs, Teleporter locations
  • Dark Poeta
  • Global PVP
  • Rifts available
  • Abyss Frotress instances
  • Most instances working
  • Legion & Legion warehouse
  • Alliance features available
  • Grouping available
  • Skills and Stigmas available
  • Dyes and customizations
  • Gathering and Aether gathering available
  • Crafting jobs available
  • Godstones and Reskining available
  • Manastones socketing and Enchants available
  • Enchants up to +15 for Fabled and Eternal items
  • Command //givemissingskills for regular players



And many more features!

Come on and join us, be a part of this great community with a great server.


See you there!

Berserk Aion

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