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Tune by Dyes!


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Hi everybody! I have txt file, where describes dependence stats from dyes. As far as i know at mammon we can bye Great dyes only 4 lvl only ( +4 ), so where we can gets highter dyed +10? What u think?

P.S: I heard somebody spoils it at FOG, but feel it is a scam... ???



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LOL max dye +4 max but u can add also +1 so max in char is like +5 wit or +5 int...etc...but - can be even -15 ...i give a suggestion..dont make dyes to tanks:D they are good without them 

or make just dont make -cov.

Also Con=hp,cp

Wit=casting speed

int=magic atack

str=damage(p atack)

men=defence(magic defence-pdefence)

dex=atack speed...

i think thats all :D good testing.!. :PP

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in pvp server this dont count..but in normal rpg server i dont use yet dyes xD i need my men xD


At a 5x rate server i used in pvp with my necro +4 con +4int +4wit the mana wasn't a probaly at pvp. But at pve i used +4 con and +4 wit and demon set. SO it's just what you think to play as best :)

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A bit more detalized. (Source www.lineage2.com)



Increases amount of physical damage.



Increases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed.



Increases maximum HP and CP, HP recovery speed, weight limit, underwater breath gauge, shock resistance, and bleeding resistance.



Increases damage of magic attacks and success rate of curse spells.



Increases chance of magic critical hits, casting speed, resistance to Hold, resistance to curses (such as HP degeneration, decreased HP recovery rate, increased skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).



Increases magic defense, maximum MP, MP recovery speed, poison resistance, and curse resistance. Decreases probability of magic interruption.

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