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World Of Warcraft PvP Char

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Good Evening Everyone.

I am new at this game and i would like to know some things.


First of all...i have an Undead Rogue (horde ofc)

If you were Rogue...what would you choose?And why?


Does a Rogue considered to be a critical pvp char or not?

If not...which character do you think would be the best?



Which armor should i wear? (i know leather)

I don't accually know their status/abilities etc.


If somebody could tell me about this matter it would be really great.


Please don't use imporer language such as "noob u don't know" and others.

*Thnx for reading.*

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ok i play rogue 1 year and more official ofc im 70 lvl

first of all we make a correct spec rogues got 3 specs assas/combat/sub

u have a lot of choise to play hemo,seal fate,shadowstep,riposte etc

ok now about armor u got 2 types pve and pvp

pve means raid pvp means pvp

ok in pve we need more agility and hit rating

on pvp need stamina crit strike and risilience

ok about wepons now

u can use daggers swords maces fists

The best pvp spec for me is seal fate and Riposte

about enchants and gems same with leather pve or pvp

if u ar low lvl 60 and lower search for items with full agility


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I will keep that in mind.


I have seen here many guys wearing Slayer Armor.


But...some of them...have dagger 1.90 speed or 1.30.


The lower the better i think but...If i have a dagger with

1.90 and another with 1.30 which should i keep in main hand?


I play Shadowstep specc atm cause i am newbie yet...


Hmm...i don't have any other questions atm.


Thnx for replying and thnx for your time..


If i will need something else...can i PM u?


Thnx 4 your infos.

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