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[HOWTO] Change Max Level

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Here is where you should be able to change the max level for your retail C4 server.


Function CCreature::ValidateLevel()



00517C95                mov    rax, [rbx+588h] ; CSharedData class

00517C9C                mov    esi, [rax+11Ch]

00517CA2                mov    ebp, [rax+444h] ; level

00517CA8                mov    rax, [rbx]

00517CAB                mov    rcx, rbx

00517CAE                mov    rax, [rax+28h]

00517CB2                call    rax

00517CB4                mov    ecx, 4Eh        ; mov 78 into ecx

00517CB9                mov    r12d, 57h

00517CBF                test    al, al

00517CC1                cmovnz  r12d, ecx

00517CC5                cmp    ebp, r12d      ; cmp level to 78

00517CC8                cmovg  ebp, r12d      ; if < 78, make it 78

00517CCC                mov    eax, 1

00517CD1                cmp    ebp, eax        ; cmp level to 1

00517CD3                cmovl  ebp, eax        ; if < 1, make it 1


I didn't test this yet, but if you change the 4Eh ( 78 ) to a different number, you should be able to change the max level. I didn't test this,i am working on etail interlude files

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