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My New Rig!!!


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My new dream rig just arrived today. This was like a x-mas present and the best one i ever given to myself. I walk home and here it is a pile of new shiny boxes in my room waiting for me in my room. My roommate tells me he was tempted to open it without me(receives a glare full of killing intent and crawls back to his room and hides in closet). So here i stand for about 10 min just staring at it and smiling. And.......

The process of unpacking begins, tear all the cover boxes and putting carefully in order original packing ones one after another. Another 10min of happiness and staring. And the process begins.....

Grounder, screwdrivers, thermal paste(unpacked and ready to do its job), voltage checkers, extra set of screws, MB stand off pins. All ready and good to go.....

After 2 hours of careful and cautious assembly all good and ready to be powered up. Power switch ON!

Brand new windows VISTA Home Premium installation, formated it all beforehand. Ok and CHECK!

All the unwanted VISTA crap OUT! All the needed tweaking apps IN! BIOS config CHECK! All unwanted Ports DEMOLISHED! Rig o/ced!

Time to see the performance..... Vista loaded in 7.2 secs with full configs! I was damn shocked, this is first time i ever saw OS loading this fast!

This rig cost came out to $2,800(!!!!!) but i swear it was worth it. I meant to prepare to DX10 games and Crysis especially, i can say now, BRING ALL YOU'VE GOT!

Intel Quad Core PCU 2.66GHz o/ced to 3.3GHz, 2x nVIDIA 8800GTX 768MB SLIed cards, 2GB DDR2 ram, 150GB Raptor 10,000rpm HD(Best ever HD made 3x Best HD award winner from my best friend Western Digital), X-fi Creative Blaster(guys know what they are doing in here), 850w Thermaltake PSU(Brand of choice for 3 years now), P5N-E SLI Asus Mobo(brand of choice from the time i built my first PC), water cooling, LED wires, full tower case, blah blah blah. This is by far high end performance gaming rig out there. Im not regretting it at all, altho i had to break my piggy bank(still unsure who wants to pay my next month rent ??? :'() it was worth every penny.

I gave a load of full gfx in C6 and 5 clients at the same time. My PC said "Thats all?!".

I can believe i had this peace of crap pc before 3.0 GHz intel, 9800PRO ATI Radeon, 2GB ram(no improvement here), crappy MoBo, no sound card and freaking 15" monitor. My new Samsung with 22" and 2ms response is like a heaven. Unbelievable that L2 still ran on my old rig. I just demolished it in backyard with pleasure and a slash hammer!

Well just wanted to brag a little!

My Technology Developers KUDOS to all of you guys!

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nice pc :0 i like the graphics card :D

we got the same proccessor ... quad power just pown our world ;)


about intel quadro my friend buy it (erlier he uses dual core) and he was shocked... in negative way from most of tests (pcmark, 3dmark...) its got not much more points :( i was thinking about buying it coz now i have only 3ghz old ht on lga one core ;] but now i thinks that probably beter is buy smth dual with high clock  and pay less and have near the same resources.


PS. from what i know quadro have problems with dividing instructions from stack and just because of it its not much beter than dual core but correct me if im wrong :D


pss way fuc.king nice machine dude !!!

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wow...dude nice pc :)


I want to ask some things :) how much ram your pc uses when you dont do anything?And one more thing...you said that you o/ced your cpu to 3.3 ghz...what it the temprature of the cpu at full load?or idle i dont care :) I ask this things because i want to buy a quad core and i wana see what will be the temprature if i overclock it ^^ and i am asking about the ram you using without do anything because i have windows vista and it uses like...900 ram with msn,antivirus,daemon tools and aero...so i wana see if i do something wrong :)


(btw really your graphics system just... -owns- )

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