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[Tutorial]Optimal settings of internet for Counter-Strike 1.6


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In this tutorial i try,to explain for everyone to understand how we can to descrease the loss,the choke&ping. For Beggin, i will explain you what means loss,choke,etc


* Loss means some package's loses on conection from the server client. This thing can be because of bad network conection not necessarily because of a slowly connection. If your "bore" is more smaller then the server, you must to reduce

the number of package's from the srver,to can get the package from the server.


* Choke mean how much package's dosn't come to the server, because of your slowly connection and/or of the large number of the package requested by server.


To can optimize the loss and the choke, we will use 3 commands: rate XXXX, cl_updaterate XX si cl_cmdrate XX.


* rate XXXX * (XXXX mean the numbers )

- This command set the transfer of data betwen the client and the server in every moment

- Optimal settings (depends by tipe connection ):


28.8k = 1500-2200

33.6k = 2000-3500

56k = 3500-4000

ISDN = 4000-6000

xDSL, Cable, T1, etc = 6000-9999




In function by your conection set the rate.



rate 9999


I recomend 25000,as i know almost all players of cs use this rate



- This comand must be writen on console.

- If you set the value of the comand above/below then the server,this will make loss,choke. This setting is in close connection with the settings for the loss and choke.

* cl_updaterate XX * (XX mean the numbers)

- This command set how much packages to get on second on your pc.

- Optimal Setting (depend by your network connection):


Modem = 15-25

Broadband = 25-40



Modem = 25-35

Broadband = 40-50




LOSS - controlled by the comand cl_updaterate

CHOKE - controlled by the comand cl_cmdrate



1. Open the Counter-Strike.

2. Write in console net_graph 3. (To dezactivate this, net_graph 0)

3. Enter in a server wich are a lot of ppl.

4. Look at the loss and the choke.

If you have loss, decreases the value of the comand cl_updaterate. (preferably with 5)

If you dont have loss, try to grow up the value of the comand cl_updaterate for an better ping.

If you have choke, decreases the value of the comand  cl_cmdrate. (preferably with 5)

If you dont have choke, try to grow up the value of the comand cl_cmdrate for an better ping.

If you have loss and choke try to descrease the rate.

If you dont have loss and choke, try to grow up the rate.


Note: I recomend before all, to set cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate, and after to try different values of rates.


After the change of a comand,wait betwen 5-10 seconds to can see the results,so dont change the values very fast.

When you found the right values, save them in  config.cfg or userconfig.cfg. You can save them also in your personal cfg, with the condition you will must to exec the cfg on every start of game.


Credits:To me & Fantoma

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