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Fast enchant on skills / weaps etc...


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Its not rly a trick ... just easy and simple program for click ... and with it u can config for easy enchant on something...

its rly usefull for high rate server ,there u can buy alot enchant and books :)


so let me try explain:

1.download the program auto mouse clicker ... example : write in google the name and download the program from some site

2.run the program click options and select configure mouse event ,it will open new window :



3.after the new window open there u need make some small config


3.1 - when u click it u need select where to click ... example select enchant of skill :


when u click with the cursor on the skill .... u need to add new event ,u can see the button "add event".

u repeat step 1 for next type of enchant to select the enchant route... and to click on the button "enchant"


3.2 - there is the delay of click ,1000 ms = 1 sec...

for enchant skills 500-600 ms on all events its perfect and fast :)


3.3 - loop events ,how much times to repeat event ,i mean if u buy 100 books for enchant skills run the script 100 times before it stop ... so u can buy again same quantity of books :)



hope i dont repeat some topic ... and hope all understand what i write :P


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im on win 7 64x and work :)


right click on program .... there u can find "run on ... " and select win xp ... mybe will work :)

oh ye! thnx i run it as administrator and works :D

thnx you so much :D

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