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Description: BuyZone is limited, to get weapons to kill enemies and must experienta.Dupa do you get an amount of experience, do one level and so, with each level you can get other weapons earned in May performante.Acesta not gungame.

Cvar :

gxm_enable "1" / / / 1: On, 0: Off
gxm_savetype "1" / / / How to save XP at: 1 = MySQL, 0 = NVault.
gxm_level_text "0" / / / Show your level by: 1 = HUD message, 0 = A simple message color.
gxm_xp "15" / / / How much experience to tell you if you kill an enemy.
gxm_level_style "1" / / / On each level you will gain a new weapon: 1 = Yes, 0 = No, Select weapon from the menu.
gxm_triple "1" / / / Enable Triple Kill bonus XP: 1 = Yes, 0 = no.
gxm_triple_xp '3 "/ / / How to give you bonus XP for Triple Kill.
gxm_triple_kills' 3 "/ / / How many kill sites have a player needs to receive bonus.
gxm_ultra "1" / / / Enable Ultra Kill bonus XP: 1 = Yes, 0 = no.
gxm_ultra_kills' 6 "/ / / How many kill sites have to do for Ultra Kill bonus.
gxm_admin_xp "1" / / / Enable Extra XP for murder: 1 = Yes, 0 = no.
gxm_extra_xp '4 "/ / / How much extra XP to give the admin.
gxm_show_rank "1" / / / Show in rank / top20: 1 = Yes, 0 = no.

SQL Cvar :

gxm_host "" - The host from the db.
gxm_user "root" - The username from the db login.
gxm_pass "" - The password from the db login.
gxm_dbname "gunxpmod" - The database name.

Commands in chat:

/ menu / / / We show how menu.
/ level / / / We show you information pertaining to the xp.
/ ul, ul, / unlocks / / / Do not you ever going to upgrade weapons, and can buy more.

If your server is running, and otherwise check in gunxpmod.cfg and edit:

//#define NORMAL_MOD - Normal mod,means simple cs style without other mods.
//#define ZOMBIE_SWARM - Uncomment it if you are using Zombie Swarm and comment other.
#define ZOMBIE_INFECTION - Uncomment it if you are using Zombie Infection style mods and comment other.

Uncommented style mod can be only one.

By the way, i


is included ,then don't forget to comment-uncomment this lines :


You can also edit item (unlock_*.sma) name and description and change cost to whatever you want.

Example, find this line and edit :

register_gxm_item("Grenades Pack", "Gives an extra grenades", 90)
                   //Item name     //Item Description    //Item cost

Unpack GunXpMod_Resources.rar HLDS (where server installed, which is hlds.exe).

Unpack GunXpMod_Files.rar HLDS (where server installed, which is hlds.exe).

Go into addons / amxmodx / config / plugins.ini and add the following lines:

; Main GunXpMod plugin

; GunXpMod misc. plugins

; GunXpMod shop item plugins










Credits: Anakim


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