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Change/Add Class Armor/Weapon Removal



So guys sorry if this is not right section.


But i need to get a code or whatever for my friend.


He need to turn on thing when you change class ur weapon/armor removes automatically to avoid Heavy sets on Daggers/Archers/etc.

He have protection for that but when they change class they can wear heavy again :S So he need to stop that.


So the thing that u need to remove ur weapon before changing/adding sub.


The thing when u change/add class ur armor removes (unwears) automatically.




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If you want any java custom search there: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=105735.0


Cant find anything related to it, only this





Its for weapon, thats ok but i need armor removal too.



The friends problem is when he turn prohibition for archers/daggers cant wear heavy it works. But when they change class lets say spellhowler change class to archer he CAN wear heavy. I dont know why he can if friend turned that heavy prohibition for daggers/archers.


So thats what i need to tell him, how to fix it.

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