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[Share]Dota collided map v6.61c

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View Hack list:

Type: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6



Type: -HC #

# = is number u like (1 - 999999)

but some hacks work with small number 1- 9



Hack List:


-HC Stifling Dagger (Phantom Assassin)


-DW Acid Spray (Alchemist)


-LJQ Goblin`s Greed (Alchemist)


-MB Tombstone (Undying)


-SWL Decay (Undying)


-DZ Epicenter (Sand King)


-AM Weave (Shadow Priest)


-SD Tide Bringer (Admiral Proudmoore)


-HL Torrent (Admiral Proudmoore)


-CZD Ghost Ship (Admiral Proudmoore)


-LHR Nether Strike (Barathum)


-DM1 Static Remnant (Storm Spirit)


-DM2 Electric Vortex (Storm Spirit)


-DMD Ball Lightning (Storm Spirit)


-BNC Charge of darkness ( Barathrum)


-FW Berserker`s Call (Axe)


-GB Bristleback (Bristleback)


-MH Nature`s Attendants (Enchantress)


-TS Diabolic edict (Leshrac)


-HZ Spirit Lance (Phantom Lancer)


-TB Devour (Doom Bringer)


-LP Multi Cast (Ogre Magi)


-SL Inner Vitality (Huskar)


-SJ Track (Bounty Hunter)


-JM Curse of Silent (Silencer)


-SQ Penitence (Holy Knight)


-LL God`s Strength (Sven)


-JD Venomous Gale (Venomancer)


-TF Meat Hook (Pugde)


-DKD Aphotic Shield (Abaddon)


-FHY Flesh Heap (Pugde)


-XQE Impale DMG (Nerubian Assassin)


-CXE Impale DMG (Tidehunter)


-SWE Impale DMG (Sand King)


-EME Impale DMG (Lion)


-WWW Wex 'www' (Invoker)


-EEE Exort 'eee' (Invoker)


-WWE Wex & Exort 'wwe' (Invoker)


-WEE Wex & Exort 'wee' (Invoker)


-FXY Shackleshot (Windrunner)


-FXH Windrunner (Windrunner)


-FXD Focus Fire (Windrunner)


-JLL1 Illusory Orb (Puck)


-JLL2 Phase Shift (Puck)


-QWE1 Wex Level (Invoker)


-QWE2 Quas Level (Invoker)


-QWE3 Wex Level (Invoker)


-HN Astral Imprisonment (Destroyer)


-JG AI - Vanish Forever! (Destroyer)


-ZZ Incapacitating Bite (Broodmother)


-ZW Spin Web (Broodmother)


-W1 Maledict (Witch Doctor)


-TT1 Paralyzing Cask Multihits(Witch Doctor)


-TT2 Paralyzing Cask Stun (Witch Doctor)


-YQ1 Lucent Beam (Moon Rider)


-YQ2 Eclipse DMG ((Moon Rider)


-YQ3 Eclipse Multihits (Moon Rider)


-WY1 Chain Frost DMG (Lich)


-WY2 Chain Frost Duration (Lich)


-ZG1 Refraction Bonus (Templar Assassin)


-ZG2 Refraction Limit (Templar Assassin)


-sll1 Gravekeeper`s Cloak (Visage)


-sll2 Gravekeeper`s Cloak Limit (Visage)


-YM Hunter in the Night (Balanar)


-XH Devour disabled (Doom Bringer)


-Hx Sunder (Soul Keeper)


-DS Nature's Guise (Treant Protector)


-EMS Pulse Nova (Leshrac)


-SWM Death Pulse (Necrolyte)


-JS1 Omnislash DMG (Juggernaut)


-JS2 Omnislash Limit (Juggernaut)


-XK1 Chronosphere (Faceless Void)


-XK2 Time Walk - Invul (Faceless Void)


-FTR Rocket Flare (Clockwerk Goblin)


-XQY Impale Stun (Nerubian Assassin)


-EMY Impale Stun (Lion)


-SWY Impale DMG (Sand King)


-CXY Impale DMG (Tidehunter)


-MED Mystic Snake (Medusa)


-BHT Elune`s Arrow (Priestess of the Moon)


-YNT Leap Distance (Priestess of the Moon)


-BHJ Moonlight Shadow (Priestess of the Moon)


-BHL Starfall (Priestess of the Moon)


-YNJ Leap Level (Priestess of the Moon)


-GF1 Illuminate (Keeper of the Light)


-GF2 Spirit Form (Keeper of the Light)


-GF3 Mana Leak (Keeper of the Light)


-BNW Frostbite (Maiden)


-BND Freezing Field (Maiden)


-JLE Phase Shift (Puck)


-SSG Rage (Naix)


-GSL Open Wounds (Naix)


-GL1 Rupture DMG (Blood)


-GL2 Rupture Duration (Blood)


-DHE Eye of the Storm (Lightning Revenant)


-DHC Static Link (Lightning Revenant)


-BFR FlameBreak (Batride)


-REP Replicate (Morph)




-TW Tower Glyph Infinity


-HP Detect low-hp enemy


-ITEM/-I Item Spy (see what enemy bought for items)


-IT Item Hack (BKB & Satanic)


-RUNE Rune Activator


-ZOOM Camera Zoom 1 - 1200


-NOGANK Anti-attack GANK ! Detect Approaching Enemies


-PING/=P Enable/disable minimap hero ping


-HB Phantom Strike 100% attack speed forever (Phantom Assassin)


-NTR Ancestral Spirit Lvl dmg (Tauren Chieftain)


-NTW Natural Order (Tauren Chieftain)


-BFF Flame Laso (Batride)


-TOW Tower hack (Vengeful Spirit)


-FOU Fountain hack (Vengeful Spirit)


-YNJ Eluna's Arrow stun 5 sec (POTM)


-YND Moonlight Shadow fade forever (POTM)



Collided map only works under previous versions of 1.22, 1.21, and 1.20e.


When you are hosting, try to prevent people from downloading this map.

Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/329366000/Collided_Map_6.61c.rar


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