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[Tutorial] How do you abstain from abuse admins


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Admins put the bad breaks you play? This thread will teach you how you can prevent it!

Credits: Fllyyper

# 1 - config.cfg file protection (most important)

Config.cfg file should fix the status of "Read-Only".

This file is located in the directory:

C: \ Program Files \ Valve \ Steam \ SteamApps \ STEAM-ACCOUNT \ counter-strike \ cstrike \ config.cfg


C: \ Program Files \ Valve \ counter-strike \ cstrike \ config.cfg


When you found, right click config.cfg file> Properties> Mailbox Mark Read-only> Click Apply and close the window.


By doing this you save the game's unique settings such as your name, video settings etc.. So with this in the status of "Read-Only" settings the game will always return to their original state no matter what you do a admin.Deasemenea, if you change one setting it will change back after the swift resumption of the game.

alias "name" "say Name_Change_Disabled" 

Save the file (first you must uncheck the box to "Read-Only" to save him)

Now if you or try to change your admin name: "Name_Change_Disabled" to appear in an instant!


# 3 Creating a key to reset your config!

Sometimes admins change your keys to doing ridiculous things ... a binding popular that we have seen is: bind "mouse1" "kill" that every time you kill one attack using the mouse,

or: bind "mouse1" "Say Pull!" that every time you shoot you say "Shoot!" in chat ...

Pressing the reset button config will solve this problem.


Open config.cfg and at the end add this line:

bind "X" "exec config.cfg"


And instead of X can put any key you want.

So every time you strange things happen when you press the buttons, press to solve the problem fixed.


# 4 Stop of stock!

We fix some actions in the game so that if an admin can use the command + attack to force you to shoot continuously it will reverse the effect!


Open config.cfg and copy all of the following:




Save the file and then press the reset config if the player is different actions without your touch anything.


WARNING: This will stop all scripts that have to function!



# 5 Stop Orders harmful!

Some commands you to kill the game and stop them or prevent them copy these aliases into config.cfg

alias "fps_max" "say fps_max_DISABLED"
alias "quit" "say QUIT_GAME_DISABLED"
alias "quit prompt" "say QUIT_GAME2_DISABLED"
alias "cl_cmdrate" "say RATE_SET_DISABLED"
alias "kill" "say suicide_DISABLED" 


To remember

* Admins who are hackers: I am ... they make use of plugins commands are present on most servers!

* If you go to reset config key type in the console exec config.fg

* If you damage a computer admin, you can not do anything to get revenge, except to announce your friends about the incident to prevent future server.

* You can do anything to protect you 100% of the admin server.

* Not all admins are bad, they like to help, not to find reasons you baneze ...

* Use codes and insults cause the admin to punish you so well behaved ...

* Also remember that there are forums made available to you when you can advertise admin nosy ...



These methods are for Counter Strike Source but I also tested on 1.6 and works almost perfectly

If we know some tricks please share with us!

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