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[Addons] DEATHRUN cs 1.6


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Description: Addons `DeathRuN.thisaddons is tested on my server, and I mean that is a very good.Addons worked with him quite 8-|. . . And finally the result really nice, with full server in 10 minutes! .




   * AmxModX 1.8.1

   * Metamod 1.1.9

   * Booster (booster_mm)

Autor/Credits : Fllyyper

Version : v1.0


Download2: http://www.girlshare.ro/545666




DeathrunManager.amxx - Plugin great way to choose in each round a different player for. team T

gamenamechanger.amxx - change the name of the Game

SayRestart.amxx - plugin / restart

admin_llama.amxx - command for admins

admins_online.amxx-Show how many admins are online on a server

amx_ip.amxx - Show ip players to admins

adv_country_kicker.amxx - kick players from other countries

admin_freelook.amxx - Admins can look on any player

amx_super.amxx - extra commands for AMX Mod X

ultimate_sounds.amxx - basic sounds of the server.

trivia_bot.amxx - Trivia Bot anti-plictiseala.Un Puzzle is active in chat by typing / trivia

amx_mesaje.amxx - Messages displayed in the chat in a time set by cvar.

rs_swearfilter.amxx - restrict swearing on the server.

high_ping_kicker.amxx - kick players with ping over 100 (set by cvar)

rate_manager.amxx - plugin that I folsoeste to lower lag

roll_the_dice.amxx - Roulette! Write to chat and I RTD invigorate, or may have bad luck! Try it

ns_rtd.amxx - Plugin secondary to the RTD

advanced_steam_slot.amxx - Those who have STEAM automatic slot on the server

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