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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2proxy


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-Brand New Server

-Interlude L2j High Rates ! !

-server rate is:

-Xp/Sp/\Adena 5000x

-Drop/manor/spoil 10x

-Safe enchant+5 Max+25


-Global gk

-Speciall item shop

-Class manager

-Npc buffer 8Hours

-Tattoo 3 for every char

-Nobless quest item

-Sub max 10

-TvT event

-Ctf event

-Dynasty items        u  can find Dynasty Weapons and armors

-Icarus weapon        

-Rb jewels

-Ally clan max 10

-Colour leader name

-Siege workinPvp/Pk Color

-Epic Items & Wings.! balanced at all    There is Epic Armor!   (Valakas Wings have stats !)

Farm -easy/normal


-Balanced Chars !! u won't find a archer/dagger/pala server or chars re boosted for a better gameplay

Thx for join our server

have a nice game


Server Site : http://l2proxy.ucoz.net/HomePageReal.html


Yes They have a  .ucoz.net site but u HAVE to try the server yes is new and dont have much ppl on...

but if u try 1 time the server i'm sure u gonna like it !!!


Give us A TRY!

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Bye balance u mean i can kill guys in epic with draconic? :o


with a little luck :)


this is your time xNigga i will see now if your server is good about hacks or no ;)


isnt my server u fail /iCare ? if u hack or not .

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